Diversified investment with Swisscanto index funds

With the Swisscanto index funds, you can invest in the asset classes of equities, bonds, indirect real estate investments and commodities. In doing so, we replicate the risk and return characteristics of the relevant benchmark as closely as possible. Index funds are not listed on the stock exchange and offer an attractive alternative to ETFs.

Your advantages with Swisscanto index funds

Invest in different asset classes

More than 80 index funds for equities, bonds, indirect real estate investments and commodities are available.

Stay flexible

You can carry out subscriptions and redemptions on any bank working day.

Exclusion criteria based on SVVK-ASIR

We apply the exclusion criteria based on SVVKASIR in all index-linked portfolios. These exclusion criteria contains, for example, manufacturers of prohibited weapons.

Trust Swiss experts

Our index funds are developed and managed exclusively in Switzerland.

Enjoy advantages over ETFs

Our index funds are not listed on the stock exchange and therefore offer an attractive alternative to exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Count on our expert team

Benefit from our many years of experience. With our index funds, we offer you Swiss quality and precision, which have become firmly established in the market. Our experienced team of experts and state-of-the-art technologies ensure professional management of your assets. Here the focus is always on transparency and cost efficiency. We develop and manage Swisscanto index funds exclusively in Switzerland – tailored to Swiss customers.

How you benefit from Swisscanto index funds

  1. 1 We offer a comprehensive range of products with over 80 Swisscanto index funds in all standard asset classes.
  2. 2 Our index funds are broadly diversified, have a low risk of return variance from the benchmark index and are managed cost-effectively.
  3. 3 We invest effectively in the securities included in the benchmark index (physical replication).
  4. 4 Rely on our competent and stable team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the Swiss market.

Index funds compared to exchange-traded funds

Index funds are unlisted investment funds and offer various advantages compared to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are better known in the market. For example, no Swiss stamp duty is payable on purchases and sales.

Characteristics Swisscanto (CH) index funds Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Replication method


Physical or synthetic, depending on provider

Consistent / uniform index system


Partially, depending on provider


Daily on the primary market

Intraday trading; typically in the secondary market

Swiss stamp duty

No (purchase/sale: 0.0/0.0%)

Yes; domestic 0.075/0.075% / foreign 0.15/0.15%


NAV +/- fixed charges*

Variable bid or offer price**;
Premium or discount possible versus ETF basket

Crossing option

Automatic reduction of fixed charges

Possible but not guaranteed


NAV (identical to index)

ETF closing price may vary from the index

Costs for market makers



Minimum investment




Quantity or amount (fractions possible)


Domicile/regulatory authority



Place of asset management



*  Issue and redemption charges are credited in full to the respective sub-fund assets. They are intended to cover transaction costs and thereby protect the remaining investors.

** The spread depends largely on the time of the transaction and includes costs for the market maker.


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