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Index funds

You participate in sustainable versions of index funds taking blacklists into account.

Flexible, indexed investment modules worldwide

Our index funds provide our investors efficient access to a comprehensive and flexible range of products. The index funds aim to replicate as accurately as possible the risk and return characteristics of a particular market. The non-exchange-listed index funds are an attractive alternative to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and offer numerous advantages.


  • We offer a wide range of funds with more than 70 index funds encompassing equities, bonds, indirect real estate investments and commodities.
  • With an investment volume of around CHF 80 billion in index-linked managed portfolios, we are among the largest providers of index funds in Switzerland.
  • Our investment funds are characterised by broad diversification, a low yield variance risk compared to the benchmark and cost-efficient management.
  • The index funds are not listed on the stock exchange and may be subscribed and redeemed daily.
  • All index funds use purely physical replication (no counterparty risk).
  • Unique in the Swiss market: Attractive cost savings for subscriptions and redemptions are possible thanks to "crossing". This means that no issue or redemption fees are charged in favour of the fund.


  • Investors participate cost-effectively in investment markets worldwide.
  • Corresponding earnings potential for investors depending on the index selected.


  • Investments in equities, bonds, commodities and real estate are subject to certain market fluctuations.
  • Currency risks are inherent in unhedged investments in foreign currencies.


  • You would like to benefit from the underlying index's yield opportunities.
  • A flexible, module-based, global product range is important to you.
  • Your investment horizon is the medium to longer term (a longer investment horizon is recommended for share indexes than for bond indexes, for instance).
  • An attractive alternative to ETFs due to purely physical index replication, exemption from Swiss stamp duty, no costs for market makers and transparent billing at the NAV (net asset value) with bid and ask spreads indicated separately (maximum amount known in advance).

Range of funds

Swisscanto index funds versus exchange-traded funds

The choice of index vehicle – index funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – has a large impact on the total costs. The Swisscanto index funds are non-exchange-listed funds according to Swiss law and offer numerous advantages compared to the previously more well-known exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) on the market.

Characteristics Swisscanto index funds ETFs
Replication method Physical Physical or synthetic depending on the provider
Liquidity Daily on the primary market Intraday trading; usually on the secondary market
Swiss stamp duty No Yes; domestically 0.075% / abroad 0.15%
Pricing NAV +/- fixed charges* Variable bid or ask price**
Crossing option Automatic reduction of fixed charges Possible but not guaranteed
Valuation Identical to index ETF closing price may vary from the index
Costs for market makers No Yes
Transaction Quantity or amount (fractions possible) Quantity
Domicile/regulatory authority Switzerland/FINMA Various
Place of asset management Switzerland Various

* Issue and redemption charges are credited in full to the respective sub-fund assets. They are intended to cover transaction costs and thereby protect the remaining investors.

** The spread depends largely on the time of the transaction and includes costs for the market maker.

Compliance with a minimum ESG standard

The Swisscanto blacklist is applied to all Swisscanto index funds. Manufacturers of banned weapons (anti-personnel mines and land mines, cluster bombs and cluster ammunition, biological and chemical weapons as well as nuclear weapons) are excluded in particular. In the evaluation, we primarily rely on Swiss legislation and agreements that have been ratified by Switzerland and are recognised internationally.

  • The exclusions are not expected to have a significant impact on the expected relative returns (tracking error) of the index portfolio in relation to the benchmark index.
  • By applying the Swisscanto blacklist, we enable investors to implement a minimum ESG standard (ESG = environment, social and governance) in their portfolio.
  • We offer a dedicated, indexed ESG product line for investors who would like more extensive exclusion criteria.

Details on the index products by investment category

Consideration of sustainability / ESG criteria

With our sustainable index funds, you benefit from a universe that excludes sectors and companies that have certain risks in terms of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

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Participate in the global equity market with a single product or invest in the individual regions: Switzerland, Europe, the UK, North America, Asia or emerging countries.

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Choose from a wide range of government and corporate bonds, both worldwide as well as in individual regions (in Swiss francs and foreign currencies as well as with currency hedging).

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Indirect real estate

Participate in the real estate markets with our indirect real estate funds (such as Switzerland, Asia or Europe).

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See value in real assets? Choose from our ETF range of gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Or participate in a broadly diversified commodity investment.

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Mixed assets

We offer attractive solutions for mixed assets with different investment strategies.

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