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Index funds

Participate in the performance of a selected benchmark index or market.

Flexible, indexed investment modules worldwide

Index funds employ a passive investment style with the objective of reflecting as accurately as possible the positive return and risk characteristics of a particular market. As an investor you therefore participate in the selected benchmark index's or market's performance. Management of these funds does not require active research and is thereby more cost-effective for investors than an actively managed fund. Surplus returns compared to the benchmark index cannot, therefore, be expected, unlike an actively managed fund with securities selection.


  • We offer a wide range of index funds that comprises equities, bonds, indirect real estate investments and commodities.
  • Our index funds are not listed on the stock exchange and may be subscribed and redeemed daily.
  • All our index funds are replicated on a purely physical basis. For this reason, there is no counterparty risk (default risk).


  • Investors participate cost-effectively in investment markets worldwide.
  • Excellent earnings potential for investors depending on the index selected.


  • Investments in equities, bonds, commodities and real estate are subject to certain market fluctuations.
  • Currency risks are inherent in unhedged investments in foreign currencies.


  • You would like to benefit from the underlying index's yield opportunities.
  • A flexible, module-based, global product range is important to you.
  • Your investment horizon is medium to longer term, depending on the index (a longer investment horizon is recommended for share indices than for bond indices, for instance).

Range of funds