Why sustainability is worth your investment

Sustainable investment products are becoming the new standard. This is shown by the following facts and background information. Learn more about the success story of socially and environmentally compatible investments and get your sustainability knowledge up to speed.

Fairness in the fast lane

More than CHF 1,500 billion

This is the volume of sustainable investments in Switzerland today. In 2010, this figure was only around CHF 40 billion.

Over 50%

This is the proportion of Swiss funds that are already sustainable. 

Around 50%

This growth has been achieved by sustainable investments in recent years.

How you achieve more with sustainability

We firmly believe that taking sustainability aspects into account has a positive impact on returns. These are our convictions:

  1. 1 Including our sustainability principles in asset management promotes performance.
  2. 2 Sustainability aspects and climate risks in particular are paramount across all asset classes.
  3. 3 We consider active influence on sustainability issues and climate protection our social responsibility.

Up to speed with sustainability

Was ist was? We explain what we mean by the most important sustainability terms.


This abbreviation stands for environmental, social and governance and identifies the criteria used to evaluate sustainable investments. Governance refers to good business management.

SDG securities

"SDG" stands for "Sustainable Development Goals". We use the term "SDG securities" to refer to securities of companies and other issuers whose products or services have positive social or ecological effects. In addition, green, social or sustainable bonds are also considered to belong to these securities.


This refers to activities or companies that bind more carbon dioxide than they generate.

Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement refers to the target adopted at the UN Climate Change Conference in 2015 in Paris to limit global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius, and if possible to below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Climate bonds

Climate bonds are bonds that finance climate-friendly projects.

Investment stewardship

Investment stewardship means the active exercise of voting rights by the fund company as a shareholder as well as direct and regular dialogue with companies in order to promote sustainable operations.


Engagement means dialogue with companies with the aim of supporting their sustainability.