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Risk insurance 3b

Protection for you and your loved ones by means of death benefit and disability pensions.

Cover shortfalls in the statutory pension

Is your partner or your family financially dependent on you? In case of incapacity for work caused by an accident or illness the statutory pension often only covers part of your current income. You can make up this shortfall with Swisscanto Safe risk insurance. This will protect you and your loved ones, or your business partner in your joint business venture, from a loss of income.

Your advantages

  • Insuring against the financial consequences of incapacity for work and death
  • The amount of the death benefit and the disability pension are freely determined according to individual needs
  • Premium waiver in the event of incapacity for work can also be ensured

Suitable for

  • For people would like to provide financially for their loved ones or relatives in the event of their death
  • Insuring against financial consequences of a continuing incapacity for work

What we offer

  • A whole life insurance or a death benefit with straight-line depreciation
  • A pension in the event of continuing incapacity for work, which can compensate for the loss of earnings


  • Periodic premium payments 


  • Until the retirement age of 64/65 

Start of insurance

  • As of the first of the month 

Insurance solution

  • Swisscanto Safe risk insurance 

Insurance partner

  • Swiss Mobiliar Life Insurance Company Ltd. 


  • Published in each insurance quotation