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Solutions 1e

For more individuality in occupational pensions with our solutions.

Flexible pension fund solution with many advantages

With a 1e plan, as an employer you let your employees decide for themselves whether and how they invest their pension assets in the supplementary salary component. Each of your employees selects their investment strategy individually according to their personal risk tolerance. They participate directly in the investment performance and do not face any dilution through collective interest or the formation of fluctuation reserves. There is also additional purchasing potential and also potential for tax optimisation.

For you as an employer, there is no risk of a supplementary contribution obligation or restructuring, as coverage shortfall is not possible. For companies that prepare their accounts in accordance with IFRS or US GAAP, this can result in a reduction in pension obligations on the balance sheet. It is also possible to integrate the 1e solution into the compensation model and thereby optimise it. 

Benefits at a glance


  • Reduced pension obligations
  • Increased attractiveness in the labour market


  • Individual choice of investment strategy
  • Additional purchasing potential

Pension fund

  • Fewer benefit obligations

Our 1e pension solutions: six investment profiles

As one of the most established providers in the Swiss pensions sector, we provide you with a comprehensive range of investment solutions specially designed and optimised for pension funds. Investors choose between six investment profiles depending on their individual risk profile.

Active and index-linked solutions

The active Swisscanto BVG mixed assets have been established on the market since 1986 and regularly rank among the best in independent competitor comparisons. Investors benefit from an attractive additional return as a result. The investment groups of the Swisscanto Investment Foundation Avant have strategic equity ratios of 10%, 25%, 45%, 75% and 95% and are all broadly diversified and always positioned according to our current market assessment. In addition, the portfolios are managed in accordance with our "Responsible" sustainability concept. Besides hard exclusion criteria and the systematic integration of binding ESG criteria in the investment process, our commitment to the Paris climate goal is also achieved through commitments and capital allocation. The passive Swisscanto pension funds are aimed at investors who wish to invest cost-effectively in a broadly diversified portfolio that reflects the risk/return characteristics of the respective benchmark index. Depending on the risk appetite of the investor, we offer strategic equity ratios of 20%, 45%, 75% or 95%.

Range of funds

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