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Investment Foundations

Our sales partners will find everything their customers need for securities subscriptions here.

How do you invest?

Institutional investors who are investing in our investment groups for the first time start by signing a written declaration of membership. In this declaration, they confirm that they meet the statutory joining requirements of the Swisscanto Investment Foundation and/or the Swisscanto Investment Foundation Avant and that they acknowledge the corresponding regulations. Each new investor then completes the master data sheet required for processing and for creating an investor number as, for a securities subscription, investors join the Swisscanto Investment Foundation and/or the Swisscanto Investment Foundation Avant directly.

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Your advantages

Investing in the investment groups of the Swisscanto Investment Foundations offers many advantages for you and your customers:

  • A comprehensive, innovative range of products
  • Professional portfolio management
  • BVG-compliant investment groups in accordance with Swiss law
  • The pension fund does not need to reclaim withholding tax
  • Participation rights as a member of the Board of Trustees and/or right to vote in investors' meetings
  • Automatic provision of the declaration of loyalty and portfolio confirmation with NAV figures as of 31/12 incl. TER statement (Full-Service Package)
  • Tax-optimised investments: no withholding tax on US dividend-bearing securities (Avant Foundation), no W8-BEN-E form necessary

Information relevant to your customers

Purchase and sale of securities

  • Securities are purchased and sold by means of subscription certificates or written notices. Securities are generally issued daily at the respective issue price (with the exception of the IF Real Estate Switzerland and IF Mortgages Switzerland investment groups). The issue price is the price at which investors are able to purchase securities. It is generally equivalent to the net asset value.
  • Securities are generally redeemed daily by the investment foundation at the respective redemption price (exceptions: IF Real Estate Switzerland and IF Mortgages Switzerland). The redemption price is the price at which investors can return securities to the investment foundation. It is generally equivalent to the net asset value.
  • Subscription requests and return notifications can be submitted to the investment foundation at the respective cut-off times (12:00 / 12:30 / 14:00) depending on the investment group. Notifications received after the cut-off time are automatically processed on the next issue or redemption date. 

Pricing method

  • Securities are traded on the basis of forward pricing. The closing price on the day of order placement applies to both subscriptions and redemptions of securities. The net asset value (NAV) is calculated on the next working day using these prices.
  • This means that the closing price is not yet known at the time the order is placed. Therefore, no-one can benefit from an informational advantage even if there are large daily fluctuations on the markets. In other words, the interests of both existing investors and those new to the market are protected.

Net asset value

  • The net asset value (NAV) of an investment group is a result of the market value of the assets and the remaining assets (namely the income and interest accrued) less the liabilities.

Investor statements

  • As soon as the issue or redemption price is known, the investor receives a statement regarding the order giving the relevant details. In return, the investor agrees to transfer the equivalent value to the designated account as per the value date.

Settlement date

  • The value dates for all investment groups generally are within three to five working days. For more details, please contact the
    administration of the Swisscanto Investment Foundations.
  • The calculation of the value date is based on the valuation date and not the date the order is placed. 

All-in fee (AIF)

  • The all-in fee is used for management, asset management and for compensation of the custodian bank for services it provides.


The following publications are available online:

  • Annual reports
  • Regulations
  • Articles of association
  • Membership forms
  • Brochures

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