Innovation leaders: the winners of tomorrow

Companies with a high level of innovation, which help us to overcome our environmental, social and economic challenges with their products and services, are one step ahead of the others. Invest in these innovation leaders and take part in their potential future successes without having to worry about stock selection.

Your benefits with innovation leaders

Exploit future opportunities

Biotechnology, genetic research and artificial intelligence are investment themes of the future.

Systematically invest

Our experts follow a proven analysis process with ESG integration in stock selection.

Count on experience

In 2007, we launched one of the first thematic investment funds for sustainable investments.

Good reasons to invest in innovation

The development of new technologies is now happening at a rapid pace and with a high level of continuity. Companies that invest a lot of work and money in research and development will be ahead tomorrow. There are many of these innovation drivers, especially in the areas of battery technology, biotechnology, cybersecurity, disposal, genetic research and artificial intelligence, solar energy and hydrogen technology. They can change entire industries and our everyday lives in almost no time and grow significantly. In addition, most of them work sustainably and meet high social and environmental standards.

Our investment philosophy behind your investment success

To promote your investment success, we look for companies with a solid business and sustainability strategy, which operate successfully and are relatively undervalued. Our focus is on companies that set technological milestones with their products and services.

Investment process: How we find the most innovative equities for you

We use the bottom-up approach when selecting climate-related stocks, which means we first analyse the companies before looking at their sector, their market and their region. We take into account various factors such as return on invested capital (ROIC). The return on invested capital shows how profitably the company uses your investment. To this end, the business model and fundamental data are assessed. Low debt, solid financial figures and a good management track record are just as important as the environmental and social effect. A relatively high return on capital, which promises an above-average return with below-average risk, makes the company in question a top candidate.

Does this investment fund suit me?

This thematic fund is suitable for investors who

  • have a long-term investment horizon;
  • want to participate in the performance of the equity markets and focus on companies with high growth potential and a high degree of innovation;
  • are interested in high capital growth, and;
  • are willing to accept large price fluctuations and deviations from the benchmark.

Three good reasons to choose us

  1. 1 Innovation: We create sustainable added value for you and for society by investing in high-growth and innovative companies.
  2. 2 100-percent Swiss made: We manage your assets exclusively in Switzerland.
  3. 3 Investment strategy: We intelligently network fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis.

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