High quality: Swiss values

Invest in quality companies with solid financial performance indicators and a convincing track record that operate sustainably. Thanks to our proximity to Swiss companies, we understand their business models and know their markets, as well as the potential of their stocks.

Your benefits with your investment in high quality

Attain quality

With a focus on quality companies, excess returns are possible even in difficult markets.

Fundamentally active

Our experts follow a proven analysis process with ESG integration in stock selection.

Trust award-winning strategies

In 2021, we were awarded the Swiss Fund Award for the best Swiss equity strategy.

Good reasons to invest in Swiss quality

Switzerland has been voted the world's most innovative country by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in the Global Innovation Index for the eleventh time in a row. Why? Swiss companies are at the forefront, especially in future sectors and industries. Most of them work sustainably and meet high social and environmental standards. These high-quality companies range from world-leading corporations to traditional family businesses and innovative niche providers. They are expected to create stable value in the long term, impress with their structured growth, generate sustainable profits and regularly pay dividends.

Our investment philosophy behind your investment success

To promote your investment success, we select companies with a solid business and sustainability strategy and a high sustainable effect. They meet high Swiss quality standards, but are still relatively undervalued.

Investment process: How we find the best quality equities for you

We use the bottom-up approach when selecting high-quality stocks, which means we first analyse the companies before looking at their sector, their market and their region. We take into account various factors such as return on invested capital (ROIC). The return on invested capital shows how profitably a company uses its invested capital. To this end, the business model and fundamental data are assessed. Low debt, solid financial figures and a good management track record are just as important as the environmental and social effect. A relatively high return on capital, which promises an above-average return with below-average risk, makes the company in question a top candidate for our high quality portfolio.

Does this investment fund suit me?

This thematic fund is suitable for investors who

  • have a long-term investment horizon;
  • want to participate in the performance of selected Swiss quality companies;
  • are interested in high capital growth, and;
  • are prepared to accept large price fluctuations.

Three good reasons to choose us

  1. 1 High quality: We create sustainable added value for you with Swiss quality companies with an attractive risk-return profile.
  2. 2 100-percent Swiss made: We manage your assets exclusively in Switzerland.
  3. 3 Investment strategy: We intelligently network fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis.

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