Climate: investing on time

There is great demand for products and services that could solve the biggest problem of our time. Therefore, invest in companies in good time which take action against climate change and its consequences. In this way, you will make a valuable contribution to climate neutrality.

Your benefits with your investment in a stable climate

Benefit from the global goal for the future

More and more countries are committed to reducing their net emissions, and the statutory regulations for greenhouse gas emissions are also becoming stricter.

Systematic selection of securities

Implementation of a proven and structured analysis process for stock selection with ESG integration.

Trust the sustainability pioneer

As a pioneer in Swiss asset management, we are committed to the 2015 Paris climate goal and have many years of sustainability expertise.

Good reasons to invest in climate protection

Climate change can no longer be denied and is already being felt around the world. In order to limit the progress of climate change and its consequences, many countries have committed to the 2015 Paris climate targets. This means: they must make every effort to reduce their net greenhouse gas emissions to zero, limit the temperature increase to two degrees compared to pre-industrial levels and promote a low-carbon economy. A venture that is costly for the economy and society, but at the same time represents a great opportunity – including from an investor's perspective. Companies in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies, sustainable mobility and resource efficiency, which offer solutions for mitigating climate change, have a high potential for growth. Those who get involved in good time will have the chance to benefit even more later.

Our investment philosophy behind your investment success

To promote your investment success, we look for companies with a solid business and sustainability strategy, which operate successfully and are still relatively undervalued. In terms of the climate, these are companies that are committed to promoting renewable energies, energy efficiency and climate protection. They have a sound business, but are still relatively undervalued.

Investment process: How we find the best climate equities for you

We use the bottom-up approach when selecting climate-related stocks, which means we first analyse the companies before looking at their sector, their market and their region. We take into account various factors such as return on invested capital (ROIC). The return on invested capital shows how profitably the company uses your investment. Fundamental data as well as environmental and social effect are also important in the assessment, as is the business model, low debt, solid financial figures and a good management track record. A relatively high return on capital, which promises an above-average return with below-average risk, makes the company in question a top candidate for the portfolio.

Does this investment fund suit me?

This thematic fund is suitable for investors who

  • have a long-term investment horizon;
  • want to participate in the performance of companies that combat climate change or its consequences;
  • are interested in high capital growth, and;
  • are willing to accept large price fluctuations and deviations from the benchmark.

Three good reasons to choose us

  1. 1 We create sustainable added value for you and for society by investing in the topic of decarbonisation and climate.
  2. 2 100% Swiss made: We manage your assets exclusively in Switzerland.
  3. 3 Investment strategy: We intelligently network fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis.

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