Strategic funds: all sources of returns included

Seize opportunities in the supreme discipline. Benefit from all our investment competency in a single investment solution. Our strategic funds offer you a portfolio that is characterised by an optimum composition of different asset classes such as equities, bonds and real estate.

Your advantages with strategic funds

Potential returns for different asset classes

Strategic funds are broadly diversified investment solutions that allow you to take advantage of the return opportunities of different asset classes.

Invest sustainably

Decide for yourself how sustainable you want to invest – with our Classic, Systematic or Sustainable solutions.

Capital accumulation tailored to risk type

Strategic funds offer you optimised core investment solutions with the aim of building up or maintaining assets in line with your individual risk profile. 

Impressive performance

  1. 1 Many years of investment experience
  2. 2 Wide range of funds with a high degree of individualisation
  3. 3 Strong customer confidence
  4. 4 Quality focus and safety orientation
  5. 5 Sustainability-oriented implementation

All return opportunities in one solution 

With our multi-asset solutions, we offer you investment funds that enable you to benefit from the return opportunities of a range of different asset classes and – according to your individual risk profile – invest conservatively or ambitiously. Our experts manage your assets in a disciplined and agile manner, exploit market opportunities, manage risks and integrate sustainability criteria.

Three ways to achieve investment objectives

Classic, systematic or particularly sustainable: With Classic solutions, you benefit from a strategically oriented portfolio, actively exploited market opportunities and our selection of optimal investment instruments. With the Systematic solutions, we manage your assets in a rule-based manner. Those with a particular focus on sustainability choose the Sustainable solutions with strict exclusion criteria and alignment with UN sustainability goals.

Classic solutions

Individual and promising: Multi Asset Classic is the complete portfolio solution that excels with its balanced strategic asset allocation based on multiple asset classes and the active management of opportunities and risks as part of tactical allocation. We offer our balanced mixed funds to suit your individual risk appetite. You benefit from our disciplined investment process with integrated risk management for all solutions.

Systematic solutions

Systematic capital accumulation: We implement the Systematic portfolio funds in a rule-based manner and carefully select equities, bonds, real estate and alternative investments. We integrate sustainability approaches into the Responsible product line and set a dedicated climate goal. The stricter Sustainable solutions also invest in companies that contribute to at least one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable solutions

Good for your assets, society and the environment: Investing in impact means selecting companies that contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, for example in the areas of energy, education, equal opportunities, health or environmental protection. Both for individual mandates and mixed funds, we primarily focus on impact and quality when selecting securities.

All Strategic funds at a glance