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Savings target insurance 3a/3b

An insurance policy linked to your Sparen 3 account covering incapacity for work and death.

Insuring against the consequences of incapacity for work and death  

Swisscanto Safe savings target insurance is linked to a Sparen 3 savings account with a cantonal bank. When taking out your insurance policy, you set the total amount of your savings target to be paid out to your beneficiaries as a death benefit in the event of a claim. The death benefit is the total arising from your Sparen 3 credit balance and the insurance benefit. When you deposit funds in your Sparen 3 account with Kantonalbank, your Sparen 3 credit balance (including assets in the form of securities) will increase and the insurance benefit will decrease.  

Your advantages

  • Insuring against the financial consequences of incapacity for work and death
  • Premium waiver in the event of incapacity for work can also be ensured
  • Clear separation of risk protection and savings account
  • Flexible solution with transparent costs

Suitable for

  • For people would like to provide financially for their loved ones or relatives in the event of their death
  • Insuring against the financial consequences of a continuing incapacity for work
  • Reaching a savings target

What we offer

  • Death benefit insurance that insures the difference between the defined savings target and the Sparen 3 account balance (including assets in the form of securities). The insurance benefit is recalculated annually
  • A pension in the event of continuing incapacity for work, which can compensate for the loss of earnings


  • Periodic premium payments 


  • Until the retirement age of 64/65 

Start of insurance

  • As of the first of the month 

Insurance solution

  • Swisscanto Safe savings target insurance 

Insurance partner

  • Swiss Mobiliar Life Insurance Company Ltd. 


  • Published in each insurance quotation