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Savings accounts 3a

Building up pension capital and securing tax benefits with a flexible savings account.

The Sparen 3 savings account

The Sparen 3 savings account provides you with an extremely flexible pension tool. You not only build up assets for when you retire, but also benefit from a preferential interest rate and tax advantages. The 3rd pillar allows you to make up your pension shortfall, so that you can continue your accustomed standard of living in retirement.

The 3rd pillar account is suitable for anybody between the ages of 18 and retirement age, who have income subject to AHV. Open a Sparen 3 savings account at your bank. 

Your advantages 

  • Contributions can be deducted directly from taxable income up to a certain maximum amount.
  • There is no wealth, income or withholding tax during the term.
  • The savings capital is paid out at a reduced tax rate.
  • Preferential interest rate compared to normal savings accounts.
  • Under certain conditions the Sparen 3 account may be continued even after reaching AHV age. 

Benefitting from capital

The 3rd pillar savings capital may be withdrawn before the end of retirement, under certain circumstances. However, there must be one of these statutory reasons for payment:

  • Purchase of owner-occupied residential property
  • Amortisation of a mortgage on owner-occupied residential property
  • Buying into a pension fund
  • Taking up self-employment
  • Commencement of a significantly different type of employment by a person who is already self employed.
  • Permanent move abroad
  • Claiming a full disability pension 

Attractive additional benefits

For a higher earnings potential over the long term, you can also invest all or part of your 3a credit balance in securities. Buy and sell orders for securities can then be issued simply and easily via e-banking. Furthermore, your savings target can be voluntarily insured by means of a risk insurance policy. With a Sparen 3 insurance policy you can reach your savings target even in the event of incapacity for work. In addition, your loved ones are protected from financial difficulties in the event of your death.