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The future of pensions

The Swiss pensions system is under great pressure. We have solutions to counter diminishing pensions.

Decreasing pensions

The Swiss pensions system is facing various challenges. As we are becoming increasingly older, the AHV and pension funds are forced to pay out pensions for longer periods of time. In addition, there is a lack of young people, with the result that significantly fewer insured people are financing the pension funds. Other major problems for our pensions system are shrinking returns on investments and negative interest rates. All these factors will result in the importance of private provision increasing against the background of generally decreasing pensions.

Government stabilisation plans

In 2017, the Swiss electorate were presented with two proposals for reforming retirement pension provision. Both the additional financing of AHV through an increase of value added tax as well as a federal act on the reformation of retirement pensions in 2020 were rejected by a slim majority. With the adoption of the tax reform bill and AHV financing (STAF) in the referendum held on 19 May 2019, additional revenues are generated of over CHF 2 billion per year. Nevertheless, the financial situation of state retirement pensions remains tense; further reform to stabilise the AHV (AHV 21) is therefore planned.

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Financing the later years

We all have lifelong dreams: perhaps you would like to ride a motorcycle down Route 66, own a rustic cottage in Ticino, or sail your yacht on Zurich Lake. It is worth fulfilling our dreams, especially when there is finally enough time to live them during retirement. It is also worth addressing the subject of which funds from the pension will be required for later life, and when.

Various things need to be considered: for whom else in the family should provision be made, what must be taken into account for tax purposes and how much pension will be required long term? The answers to these questions are highly personal.

Your bank's pension experts will provide you with comprehensive, competent advice so you can look forward to a new phase in your life with confidence and anticipation: whether we prepare a cash flow plan for you, or implement your financial planning, together we will come closer to realising your lifelong dream. Some things are just too important to leave to chance.

Tax advantages and preferential interest rates make pillar 3a the ideal foundation for private provision. Thanks to our 3rd pillar products, you do not need to suddenly limit yourself during retirement.  

Our solutions for saving in the 3rd pillar

Take responsibility and embark on the future today. You and your loved ones will be well provided for in any circumstances with one of our 3rd pillar products.  

Sparen 3 securities

  • With securities-based savings you invest your saved pillar 3a credit balances in pension funds from Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank and thus in bonds, equities, real estate, commodities and precious metals.
  • The various securities products give you a pension solution at your fingertips that counteracts high taxes and low interest rates.
  • Sparen 3 securities increase the potential returns from your pension funds compared to savings accounts.
  • You can choose whether your securities are actively or passively managed.
  • Buy and sell orders can be issued simply and easily via eBanking or via the frankly app at any time.

Sparen 3 account

  • Saving individually with a Sparen 3 savings account with your bank benefits your pension needs that may arise due to shortfalls in the benefits from the 1st and 2nd pillars.
  • You will get a preferential interest rate.
  • You can deduct a certain pillar 3a pension amount in a Sparen 3 account from your taxable income. 

Swisscanto Safe savings target insurance

  • The Swisscanto Safe savings target insurance is linked to a Sparen 3 savings account and ensures that you are insured against the financial consequences of incapacity for work and death.
  • When taking out your insurance policy, you set the amount of your savings target to be paid out to your beneficiaries as a death benefit in the event of a claim. The death benefit is the total arising from your Sparen 3 credit balance and the insurance benefit.