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Vested benefits explained

Your 2nd pillar pension assets should multiply even while you are taking a career break.

Retirement planning when taking a career break

There may be times when you, as an employee, would like to temporarily leave the secure BVG haven. Perhaps you would like to take a career break. Don't worry, you can also optimally invest your pension assets outside of a pension fund.

During this career break secure investment options are available for pension assets, such as a vested benefits account that you can open with the vested benefits foundation of a cantonal bank or another vested benefits foundation. This special savings account ensures that your BVG funds are well looked after.

Increase your retirement credit

Do you intend to take a career break for an extended period, or do you want to set up in business for yourself? Then we can offer the option of securities savings. As the customer, you decide how your credit balance is invested in the vested benefits account. You can either leave your vested benefits account balance with your bank in an interest-bearing account, or you can choose the - more attractive - option of securities savings.

Yield and risk

The securities savings option is associated with a slightly higher risk, but also promises higher potential yields depending on the investment strategy selected. Securities savings are associated with certain profit and price risks. But don't worry, with this special form of investment you will benefit from the strict legal regulations to which the retirement benefit plans are subject. 

Choose your pension product

Securities savings means that you, as the owner of the vested benefit account, have a say in determining how your pension credit balance will be invested. There are various products from which to choose. With Swisscanto's pension solutions you participate directly in developments on the financial markets. Get an overview of our investment universe.