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Savings accounts

Deposit your pension funds if you are no longer a member of a pension fund.

Vested benefit accounts

Your bank offers vested benefit accounts for people who are temporarily unemployed. The reason for this could be, for instance, due to further education, a stay overseas, or resignation. When leaving your pension fund, your last employer must transfer the capital owing to you to a vested benefits account of your choice.

The advantages

When opening a vested benefits account, you will benefit from:

  • Free account opening and management
  • Higher interest rate compared to other accounts 

Securities savings offer higher earnings potential than an account solution, in particular for people who are taking an extended career break. In this context, investments are made in bonds, equities, real estate, commodities and precious metals asset classes in accordance with the securities product's passive or active investment strategy.

Extraordinary reasons for payment

The BVG savings capital may be withdrawn before the end of the term in certain circumstances. For example you can withdraw the vested termination benefit if you are leaving Switzerland for good, or purchasing an apartment or house.