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Residential property

What if all or part of your earned income stops? What shortfall will you have to make up?


Caution: benefit losses

Thanks to the Swiss Federal Law on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVG), insured persons can now finance their residential property with the assistance of a pension credit. If you draw money early from the pension fund to finance your own apartment or house, you must be aware that this will affect your social security benefits.

Depending on the pension fund regulations, you can expect losses in benefits in the event of disability. This is because your BVG funds have, of course, been reduced due to your early withdrawal.

Please note the following:

Remember that the pension fund benefits may also have to be used to secure your mortgage later. You will obtain additional benefits with risk insurance.

What we offer

With additional benefits in the form of a pension from a risk insurance policy, you can insure against pension fund benefit losses in the event of disability.  

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