What if something happens to your spouse? How can you maintain your current standard of living?


Disability due to accident or illness

If your earning ability becomes partially or completely limited as a result of ill health, you will receive benefits from various social security organisations.

Benefits from the 1st and 2nd pillars

  1. Insured persons are entitled to a pension from disability insurance (Invalidenversicherung: IV). In addition, if you are a father or mother the IV will also pay a child benefit. However, this only applies if your child is below the age of 18, or if your children are still in education and are not yet 25. No benefits are paid for the spouse.

  2. If you are no longer able to work to the usual extent due to an accident, you will receive a pension from UVG accident insurance. If your earning ability is limited due to illness, you are entitled to a pension or a child benefit from the pension fund.

Please note the following:

Depending on your income, the benefits paid by social security may not be adequate.

  • In such cases, employed persons should therefore consider additional insurance protection.
  • Self-employed and unemployed people should also consider taking out additional insurance protection.

What we offer

In the event of incapacity for work, the pensions from the statutory providers are often far lower than your previous income. You can flexibly cover this shortfall with Swisscanto Safe. Thanks to this risk insurance you will obtain additional payments in the form of a pension. 

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