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Investment solutions

Your investment decision is characterised by personal factors and is thus as individual as you are.

The right choice

As a matter of principle, fund investments are not risk free. They are also subject to the laws governing the markets. Achieving higher yields means accepting more risks. Investment performance is closely related to your focus.

You can take one of two paths when selecting the right investment solution: you can either obtain advice or, if you are well-versed in investments and prefer to be your own strategist, 

  • you can take all your investment decisions yourself.
  • You continuously monitor your portfolio and make any adjustments independently.

In this case, we have funds for all types of investors: irrespective of whether you wish to invest in equities, fixed income, multi-asset or real estate solutions – we offer a comprehensive range of products with 100% Swiss Made Asset Management.

The right strategy

As a matter of principle, fund investments are not risk free. They are also subject to the laws governing the markets. It's certainly true that if you expect high returns, you must accept greater risks. As soon as the opportunity for higher profits increases, the greater the possibility that the value of your portfolio may decrease again.

Before investing you should therefore define your expected returns, appetite for risk and risk capacity. The reason for this is that all funds have a different degree of risk. The risk scale ranges from 1 to 7. We publish the degree of risk on all our product fact sheets. This allows you to choose the right fund according to your risk appetite. In order to be able to safely overcome potential price fluctuations it is always advisable to decide on a longer term investment horizon. Time and again, past investments have proven that the risk of losses reduces over a longer time period, or the earnings potential rises.

Suitable funds

Investment strategies funds

With the investment strategies funds, your personal strategy is implemented in the simplest way by means of a single product. You benefit from professional asset management, focused on your needs. At the same time, your cost of investing in long-term assets remains very low. This type of fund is highly diversified across countries, industries and topics. Depending on the investor's risk/return profile, investment strategies funds have varying percentages of bonds, money market investments, equities and alternative investments.

Category funds

With category funds from our fund universe, you can invest according to your own preferences based on your strategy: highly diversified in one or more countries, topics or industries. Although our category funds are highly diversified, they focus on your chosen category.