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Real estate funds

You participate in the Swiss real estate market with integrated sustainability goals.

Solid foundations for your investment

Real estate funds invest in multiple occupancy homes, business and commercial properties, as well as building land. The fund can participate in suitable existing projects as well as in new buildings. Both direct and indirect real estate funds are available: direct real estate funds invest directly in the properties and indirect real estate funds invest in other real estate funds and/or real estate equities.


  • We offer both direct and indirect real estate funds.
  • Swisscanto Invest specialises in the Swiss real estate market.
  • We are one of the most important real-estate investors in Switzerland.
  • Our portfolio includes high quality properties in attractive locations.
  • Real estate investments have a return/risk profile that is somewhere between bonds and equities.
  • Compared to bonds, the higher yields and consistent earnings of this investment class are particularly attractive to long-term investors.


  • Significantly lower risk compared to a direct investment in a single property.
  • High diversification due to the regional and property-specific spread.
  • Attractive returns and a regular income.


  • Potential price fluctuations


  • You would like to participate in the Swiss real estate market's performance.
  • You are interested in a regular income.
  • Your investment horizon is medium to long term.
  • You are able to accept certain price fluctuations.

Range of funds

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