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Money market funds

You invest capital safely and responsibly in a liquid money market fund.

Flexible investment for a short-term investment horizon

Money market funds invest your funds mainly in money market instruments (money market instruments, bonds, registered money-market claims), in call, term and fixed-term deposits, and in bonds with short maturities. The remaining term of such instruments is mostly less than one year. Active selection and the broad spread across money market instruments and bonds with differing credit ratings and terms means a reduced risk compared to investments in a single asset.


  • Investments in money market instruments and bonds with short-term maturities.
  • Money market funds have very low price fluctuations.
  • We offer money market funds in all the main currencies (CHF, EUR, USD, AUD).
  • Highly liquid form of investment with maximum flexibility.


  • Option of investing capital temporarily.
  • Active selection and broad diversification reduce the counterparty risk.


  • Relatively low price fluctuations
  • Currency fluctuations in foreign currency investments


  • Your aim is a broad spread of the counterparty risk.
  • You are interested in a regular income in line with the market.
  • Your investment horizon is short term.
  • You value security highly.

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