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Investment strategies funds

You choose individual funds to suit your investment strategy and sustainability goals.

Your investment strategy in a single fund product

Investment strategies funds have all the advantages of professional wealth management. This is because this fund implements our proven investment policy. Your personal investment strategy is implemented in a single product. Your yield expectations, personal risk profile and investment horizon are the decisive factors here. Depending on the investment strategy, the fund invests in money market instruments, bonds, equities or other investments to varying degrees. The fund size allows risk to be broadly spread, or good diversification.


  • Your personal investment strategy in a single product
  • "Relax/Select" investment strategy for regular income with low fluctuations
  • "Balance" investment strategy for long-term capital growth with medium risk
  • "Equity" investment strategy for long-term capital growth with greater risk


  • Access to the investment competence of Swisscanto Invest, one of the largest asset managers in Switzerland.
  • Cost-effective and professional
  • Medium to high earnings potential depending on the investment strategy


  • General fluctuations in value on the financial markets, the extent of which could vary depending on the investment strategy chosen.
  • Currency fluctuations


  • You would like to be able to implement your personal investment strategy with a single product.
  • You would like to see the fund product reflect your investment objectives (e.g. "Balance" or "Ambition") in terms of expected returns, risk and investment horizon.
  • Your objective is to invest globally, but you would like to rely on 100% Swiss Made Asset Management at the same time.

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