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Equity funds

You are participating in a highly diversified manner in the performance of companies, regions or topics.

Diversified investment

Equity funds invest in companies' equity-type instruments, such as shares and participation certificates. Depending on the focus, such funds invest in companies of various sizes, in industries and countries. The broad spread across equities means a reduced risk compared to investments in a single asset.


  • Investing in shares of companies of various sizes, from industries and countries
  • Equity fund with varying focal points: defensive or risk-oriented, global or focused on individual countries/industries/topics
  • Funds in different currencies


  • High capital growth
  • Participation in the price potential of promising companies and industries


  • Comparatively large price fluctuations
  • Currency fluctuations in foreign currency investments


  • You would like to participate in the performance of various companies depending on the fund's focus.
  • You are interested in high capital growth.
  • Your investment horizon is long-term (approx. 10 years and more).
  • You are willing to accept sharp price fluctuations.
  • You have a high risk tolerance.

Range of funds