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Commodity funds

You invest in real assets – broadly diversified and in the most important commodity segments.

Inflation hedging

Investors are able to invest in all the major commodities via the futures market with commodity funds. Portfolio diversification and inflation protection by investing in real values is key for commodity investments.


  • Commodity funds are above all of interest to investors due to their broad diversification in the commodity segments and the individual commodities.
  • The funds use derivatives to invest in liquid commodity futures contracts (so-called commodity futures) in the energy, industrial metal, precious metal and agricultural commodities sectors.
  • Crude oil, uranium, asbestos and rare earth metals are explicitly excluded.


  • High earnings potential
  • Portfolio optimisation through diversification
  • Inflation protection


  • High volatility of certain commodities prices
  • General risks of commodity investments due to unexpected offer/demand trends
  • Geopolitical risks


  • You anticipate an increase in the demand for commodities and a shortage of commodities and would like to participate in the subsequent potential price trend.
  • You are interested in insurance protection due to the low correlation to shares.
  • You have a high tolerance for risk and are willing to accept large price fluctuations. 

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