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Bond funds

You implement your investment responsibly with fixed-income bonds.

Investments with limited risk

Bond funds invest in fixed-interest investments and bonds (also known as bonds or fixed-interest securities) with medium and longer-term maturities. Unlike individual bonds, fund investors do not have to concern themselves with these, as the funds themselves do not have fixed maturities and the positions are continuously monitored. 


  • Investing in government and / or corporate bonds with medium and longer-term maturities
  • Differing characteristics in terms of maturities, countries or credit rating
  • Investments in more complex credit markets with higher earnings potential, such as CoCo bonds (contingent convertible bonds), convertible bonds and high-interest bonds, are open to more risk-tolerant investors.


  • Medium to high earnings potential
  • Regular income


  • General market risk, however lower fluctuations than for investments in an equity fund
  • Currency fluctuations in foreign currency investments


  • You would like to benefit from a medium to high earnings potential.
  • You are interested in a regular income.
  • Your investment horizon is medium to long term.
  • You are willing to accept certain price fluctuations.
  • Depending on the focus of the selected strategy, you have a medium to higher risk tolerance.

Range of funds

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