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Press Release from 9. September 2020

Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Swiss Commercial: Conditions for capital increase

Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Swiss Commercial makes public the conditions of its announced capital increase.

Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Swiss Commercial today made public the conditions of issue for its announced capital increase of up to CHF 45 million. The new units can be subscribed from 11 to 22 September 2020 at an issue price of CHF 104.53 per unit. The capital increase will be carried out while maintaining the subscription rights of existing shareholders.

With this capital increase, Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Swiss Commercial is continuing its responsible growth strategy. The fund has an attractive investment pipeline, which it will use to expand its existing portfolio in line with its strategy. The proceeds of the issue are earmarked for the financing of existing obligations and the repayment of borrowed capital.

Overview of conditions

Key data Details
Newly issued units Max. 429,967 units
Previous number of units 4,299,674
Subscription ratio 10:1, ten (10) existing units entitle the holder to subscribe to one (1) new unit
Allocation of subscription rights The cut-off date is 10 September 2020 (after close of trading); from 11 September 2020, the units will be traded ex subscription rights
Subscription period 11 September 2020 – 22 September 2020, 12.00 noon CET
Issue price CHF 104.53 net per unit (NAV per 30 June 2020 + accrued income + issuing commission)
Issuing commission 2%
Swiss security no. / ISIN Unit: 11 195 919 / CH0111959190
Subscription right: 52 164 086 / CH0521640869
Rights trading Official subscription rights trading on 11–18 September 2020 on SIX Swiss Exchange AG
Settlement date 23 September 2020
Dividend rights The new unit certificates bear full dividend rights for the 2020 financial year
Use of the proceeds from the issue The proceeds from the issue will be used for the financing of existing obligations and the repayment of borrowed capital

Range of funds

  • Swisscanto (CH) Real Estate Fund Swiss Commercial

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