From the early days to the present. The evolution of our brand from 1959 until today.

From the present back to our foundation


Zürcher Kantonalbank is selling the BVG management business of Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. to PFS Pension Fund Services AG (PFS), a leading provider in the area of pension fund management. At the same time, Zürcher Kantonalbank has a 20% share in PFS and remains closely linked to the business.


The product and service brand Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank is launched, offering individual, reliable investment and pension solutions. What makes it special is that customers benefit from 100% Swiss Made Asset Management. 


Zürcher Kantonalbank takes over the Swisscanto Group. The takeover creates the third-largest fund provider in the country taking a strong competitive position in the Swiss investment and wealth management business. 


With Swisscanto Asset Management International S.A. in Luxembourg, the Swisscanto Group expands its existing marketing activities in the European markets and establishes a branch in Frankfurt am Main. Swisscanto Asset Management International S.A. is established by the merger of the existing Luxembourg subsidiaries. 


The Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation starts its management activity. As an independent collective foundation, it offers Swiss SMEs pension concepts on a par with autonomous pension funds in terms of individuality and transparency. 


Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd.‎ and Swisscanto Asset Management Ltd., both subject to the Swiss supervisory authority (FINMA), merge and are subsequently known as Swisscanto Asset Management Ltd. The selection of this name highlights the ambition of becoming a leading Swiss asset manager. 


All the joint ventures of the Cantonal Banks in the field of investments and pensions (previous names: Swissca, Prevista and Servisa) are included in the joint Swisscanto umbrella brand. Swisscanto's market presence is significantly strengthened by the consolidation of the market presence of all the specialised joint venture companies.

In the same year, the Swisscanto Group takes over PricewaterhouseCoopers' pension fund consulting segment making it one of the largest providers of consulting and management services in staff pensions in Switzerland. 


Swisscanto recognises that sustainability is more than merely a trend and starts to engage with launching the first Swisscanto Green Invest Fund as a pioneer in the field of sustainable investments. 


In the context of the cantonal banks' bancassurance strategy, Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. and its 70 percent participation in the insurance broker, Interbroke Ltd., is integrated into Swisscanto Holding Ltd. The Interbroke participation is then sold to the Aon Group in 2004. 


Swisscanto Holding Ltd., with registered offices in Berne, is founded. The cantonal banks contribute the majority of their fund and wealth management business to the financial holding company, which subsequently develops and markets a wide range of investment funds for private and institutional investors as Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd.

Swisscanto Asset Management Ltd. with registered offices in Zurich is established in the same year as a specialist for complex tasks in the area of institutional wealth management.


Today's Swisscanto Funds Centre Ltd. is established in London as a support centre for the cantonal banks' international securities trading. 


Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. is founded in Zurich with the participation of all the Swiss cantonal banks. It develops innovative pension products and provides comprehensive services in the field of occupational pensions. The company becomes part of Swisscanto Holding Ltd. in 1996. 


Swisscanto Investment Foundation is established with registered offices in Zurich. It is responsible for the collective management of assets placed in its care by Swiss pension funds as well as holders of vested benefit accounts and savings 3 accounts.

The Swisscanto Collective Foundation is established in the same year by the association of Swiss cantonal banks and the insurance company, Helvetia Patria. The Foundation, registered in Basel, offers corporate customers products and services in the field of occupational staff pensions. 


The Swiss cantonal banks enter the fund business with a real estate fund. Initially managed on a decentralised basis, the various fund activities of the cantonal banks were transferred to Swisscanto Holding Ltd. in 1993 and have been managed uniformly and centrally ever since.