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Swisscanto Investment Foundations

As a successful investment foundation, we meet our investors face to face with expertise and transparency.

Your specialist for the management of pension fund assets

The Swisscanto Investment Foundation was established in 1973, and the Avant Investment Foundation in 2006. They are among the largest and most well-known investment foundations in Switzerland.

Their task is the collective management of assets placed in their care by over 830 Swiss pension funds and pension schemes. The investment foundations are enshrined as part of the structural reforms to the BVG (Swiss Pension Fund Act) and thus also as part of the second pillar. As an investor, you can trust that the BVV2 rules are reliably observed with your pension fund when investing in our investment groups.

The Swisscanto Investment Foundations are members of KGAST (Conference of Managers of Investment Foundations) and committed to their high quality standards.

What we offer

Swiss pension funds and pension schemes have the option of participating cost-effectively in professionally managed, tax-free special assets with an innovative range of products. The extensive range of products encompasses investment groups in a variety of categories: equities, bonds, BVG diversified investments, alternative investments, sustainable investments and real estate. The assets are managed by portfolio managers according to clear specifications – an approach with proven success.

Your advantages

Portfolio Management and diversification

  • You benefit from professional asset management irrespective of volumes and a wide range of available products.


  • We regularly provide investors with detailed information regarding the composition of the special assets managed and the performance achieved.

Safety and transparency

  • Our hallmark is a high level of transparency towards our customers and distribution partners.
  • Investors have rights of joint decision-making and co-determination.
  • We are leaders in the field of corporate governance.
  • We use external link opens new pagevoting rights and publish our voting behaviour.

Tax advantages

  • In all the investment groups, the investment amounts, earnings and capital gains are tax-free.
  • As the annual distributions can be reinvested in full, the performance achieved comes fully into effect in our funds.
  • There is no withholding tax on US and Japanese equity securities.

Cost efficiency

  • In principle, we offer our services at the capital cost. In other words, we do not seek to turn a profit.


  • The investment groups are BVG-compliant under Swiss law.
  • Our portfolio managers manage the invested assets of the investment foundations according to the clear specifications set down by the Board of Trustees.
  • Our investment groups are always found in the top positions in the analyses published by KGAST.

The Full-Service Package

  • We offer additional services that relieve our investors with their everyday tasks, because we believe it is important that our customers feel at ease with the Swisscanto Investment Foundations.


The following publications are available online:

  • Annual reports
  • Regulations
  • Articles of association
  • Membership forms
  • Brochures

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Swisscanto Investment Foundations
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