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Your experienced Swiss partner for success in the collective capital investments business.

Your fund experts

Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd. (formerly: Swisscanto Asset Management SA) has been successfully active in the collective capital investments business since 1960. Many years of experience and expertise enable us to support our partners with tailor-made services and solutions. Our company is currently number three in the Swiss funds market.

Our service offering includes

  • the fund management function for the entire Swisscanto Invest range of funds as well as various Private Label Funds
  • the management of Swisscanto Investment Foundations
  • the administration of the investment groups of the Swisscanto Investment Foundations
  • the fund administration for third parties

Our customers include banks, pension funds, insurance companies, fund managers and investment foundations. The work of Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd. is carried out in Switzerland. The sole shareholder of Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd. is Swisscanto Holding Ltd. in which Zürcher Kantonalbank holds 100 percent of the shares. 

What we offer


  • Fund management function
  • Fund administration
  • Fund representation
  • Management and administration of investment foundations / groups
  • Reporting functionalities
  • Services for the exercise of voting rights such as voting recommendations and electronic casting of votes

Investment themes

  • Active funds / investment groups
  • Indexed funds / investment groups / ETFs
  • Real estate funds / investment groups
  • Alternative collective investment schemes   

Your advantages 


As one of the leading Swiss fund managers, we understand the areas of responsibility of our customers better than anyone else. We can design comprehensive, tailored solutions for you and are best positioned to assist you in implementing product innovations. 


We have been successfully active in the area of collective capital investments for almost 60 years. Through continuous further development, we secure the required service benefits for our customers. 


We always assist our partners personally, ensure their satisfaction and participate actively in the fund and asset management industry in Switzerland. This is why we understand our customers and create real added value with individual solutions. 

Fund publications

Publications for the investment funds which Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd. or Swisscanto Asset Management International S.A. manages can be downloaded here:

external link opens new pageFund info
external link opens new pageSwiss Fund Data (Source Swiss Fund Data)

Corporate governance

With a clear management structure and transparent corporate governance, Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd. safeguards both the interests of various stakeholder groups and the control systems that are in place within the organisation. Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd. ensures careful handling of the risks in investment products and the company with a disciplined risk culture so that there is an appropriate relationship between risk and profit.

In the legal notices, please note the information on:

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Dealing with investor complaints

Retrieve legal notices

Download privacy policy statement (PDF, 4 Seiten, 138 KB)

Exercise of voting rights

Voting policy at Annual General Meetings

As the fiduciary owners of the securities in their collective investment vehicles and private label funds, Swisscanto Fund Management Company Ltd. and Swisscanto Asset Management International S.A. exercise voting rights exclusively in the interests of their investors.

The exercise of voting rights is based on our values, Swiss and international corporate governance rules as well as the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), which together provide a comprehensive package of environmental, social and corporate governance standards in the decision-making process. Our voting guidelines which can be downloaded from external link opens new, have been jointly developed with an independent and recognised proxy voting adviser and are regularly updated. After each shareholder meeting, our voting behaviour is also published there.

Key principles

Download document (PDF, 1 Seite, 76.9 KB)

Voting policy

Download document (PDF, 4 Seiten, 126 KB)

Guiding principles for engagement

Download document (PDF, 2 Seiten, 89.1 KB)

Voting reports

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