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Charitable investments with the Swiss Red Cross

Combine classic financial investments with supporting humanitarian Projects.

Partnership with the Red Cross

Since 2007, our partnership with the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) has facilitated a unique and successful balance between charity and financial investment for investors.

Invest and donate at the same time

  • Invest for profit and let those in need have a share in your investment performance at the same time. You can achieve both goals with the share class "Swiss Red Cross" from Swisscanto (CH) Bond Fund Sustainable Global Aggregate.
  • As an investor, you support the Swiss Red Cross humanitarian work with half of your annual net interest income.
  • As fund manager, Zürcher Kantonalbank supplements your donation by likewise giving at least 70% of the flat-rate administrative fee for the share class to the Swiss Red Cross.

Dr. Stephanino Isele, Mitglied der Generaldirektion Zürcher Kantonalbank & Mitglied des Verwaltungsrates Swisscanto Swiss Red Cross Charity Fund

"With the Swisscanto (CH) Bond Fund Sustainable Global Aggregate Swiss Red Cross, you are choosing an investment that allows others to participate in your success. You donate half of your distribution income. In addition, we support you by donating at least 70% of the admininstrative fee."

Dr Stephanino Isele

Member of the Board at Zürcher Kantonalbank

The fund at a glance

  • The fund focuses its investments on bonds with a social impact. The areas of investment are based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and cover the following investment themes: energy, mobility, resources, health, finances and knowledge.
  •  The fund portfolio exclusively includes investments that are consistent with the core values of the Swiss Red Cross.
  • The "Swiss Red Cross" share class automatically donates half of the net income from distributions as well as at least 70% of the flat-rate administrative fee to the Swiss Red Cross.

All this works in favour of the fund

  • You thereby support the humanitarian work of the Swiss Red Cross
  • Your money is invested according to ethical principles
  • Realise solid returns with appropriate risk
  • You benefit from high-performance, efficient and cost-effective management
  • Purchase and sell at any time
  • Comprehensive investor protection
  • Your donation is tax exempt. Only the income effectively distributed to you must be declared as taxable income.

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Answers to your questions about investing and donating

To whom would you recommend this fund?

This fund was primarily created for people who want to invest money, but also have the desire to let needy people share in their good fortune. The fund offers the unique opportunity to automatically link the amount of the donation to the success of the investment on an annual basis. So, as an investor, you are not donating money that you have worked or saved hard for. You are simply doing without half of your annual interest income.

Is this fund actually worthwhile for the Swiss Red Cross?

It pays off – for you and the Swiss Red Cross. Here is a quick example: Suppose you invest CHF 20,000. If the fund distributes 1.5% (approx. CHF 300), then after one year you will receive around CHF 150, and the SRC will receive a donation of CHF 248 (CHF 150 from you and CHF 98 from Zürcher Kantonalbank, representing half of its fund management fee).

How is the fund money invested?

Besides investments in bonds with a high credit rating, investment decisions are taken according to strict ecological and social requirements in terms of sustainability. The fund focuses its investments on bonds with a social impact. The areas of investment are based on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and cover the following investment themes: energy, mobility, resources, health, finances and knowledge. With respect to companies, an analysis of 45 ESG criteria (environment, social, governance) identifies the best sustainable companies. Companies whose core business is the manufacture of weapons and munitions, production of tobacco and smoking products, nuclear energy or the manufacture of cars and aircraft are completely excluded (this list is not exhaustive).

Who is responsible for the investment policy?

The investment policy is determined by the highly experienced investment spcialists of Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank. When reviewing and developing the sustainable investment universe, Zürcher Kantonalbank also obtains support from an independent sustainability board, comprising four distinguished sustainability specialists.

Couldn’t I achieve more by making a donation directly to the SRC?

Any type of donation helps the SRC to carry out its humanitarian work. It makes no difference whether you donate an amount directly or have it automatically deducted from your interest income. Of course, any other donations are important and are always welcome.

The SRC is active both locally and internationally. How is the money from this share class used?

The donations are used for projects in Switzerland and abroad. Two examples are: In Switzerland the Red Cross Childcare steps in when parents are going through a difficult time or their children are sick. The specially trained and experienced caregivers of the Red Cross then take care of the children responsibly. The tariffs are determined based on the family's income. Thanks to donations, low-income families can also benefit from this support. Or: Malawi is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. Together with the local Red Cross Society, the SRC holds information campaigns, builds wells and latrines to improve hygiene and supports the national blood donation service. The Swisscanto (CH) Bond Fund Sustainable Global Aggregate Swiss Red Cross makes it possible for the SRC to carry out and further develop these and many other projects.

How can I ensure that my donation to the SRC will be used as I believe it should be?

The SRC is certified and monitored by Zewo. The charitable organisations that bear Zewo's seal of approval have been certified for their conscientious, economic and effective ways of handling donations. Major donors can check up personally on how their donations are being used via organised project visits. 

How can I offset the donation against income tax?

Your donation is absolutely tax exempt. Half of the net interest income is deducted transferred to the SRC before the interest is paid out to you. Thus, as a private investor, you don’t need to do anything at all. You only need to declare as taxable income the portion of the interest income that is paid to you. 

Important notices

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