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Participate in intelligent, systematic investments

Remove the emotion from investment with our range of rule-based funds.

"Please board the train - doors closing!"

Our team are pioneers in rule-based investment. An investment system that channels the flow of data from the highly complex financial markets, filters it and then converts it into emotionless investment decisions based on clearly defined rules. Reliable, interconnected and powerful – just like the railway's operations control system. 

Quants - the way to outperformance

  • Our rule-based "machine room" runs just like the computer-aided operations control system of the railway - extensive rule systems are combined with intelligent techniques and are monitored and continuously developed by highly qualified specialists.
  • Our "Quants" - as the rule-based (quantitative) portfolio managers are called - write intelligent computer programs. They maintain and service their models and implement the acquired information into successful investment funds.
  • And the result is impressive! Our rule-based funds have received several accolades from independent rating agencies.

Setting the right course is what matters

Rule-based investment, early warning systems and risk management - this is precisely what we as asset managers offer with our rule-based portfolios. Our range of funds focuses on the following three guidelines: 

Smarter than Smart Beta

Our super-smart equity funds seemingly do what other Smart Beta funds do too. They apply success factors such as momentum and value to the stock selection. But our key feature is a special combination of factors: investors are therefore invested in the "golden mean" of the equity market. Eleven years of consistent outperformance of our Swisscanto (CH) Equity Fund World enhanced are proof of this. 

Multi-asset fund with target risk

Within our dynamic portfolio funds, we continuously identify those asset classes with an increased risk and then reduce the asset class to an equally weighted target risk. Price fluctuations are thus systematically cushioned without slamming on the brakes. Investors reach their destination at a comparably steady cruising speed: in other words, volatility – without the stress and doubt that the repeated abrupt breaks often cause. 

Volatility investment class

From behavioural finance, we understand that investors systematically assess certain risks incorrectly. It is possible to play on this kind of behavioural anomaly. Returns gained in this way are uncorrelated to other equity returns and therefore offer welcome diversification effects. 

Our range of rule-based funds 

We offer an impressive product range that is able to extract from the markets what exceeds market efficiency - 100% Swiss Made Asset Management. All rule-based funds are managed by our specialist team in Zurich. 

Smarter than Smart Beta 

Funds Category Details
Swisscanto (CH) Equity Fund World enhanced Global Equities externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund
Swisscanto (LU) Equity Fund Selection International  Global Equities externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund

Multi-asset fund with target risk 

Funds Category Details
Swisscanto (LU) Portfolio Fund Dynamic 0-50 Global Mixed funds externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund
Swisscanto (LU) Portfolio Fund Dynamic 0-100 Global Mixed funds externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund

Responsible Fonds 

Fonds Kategorie Details
Swisscanto (LU) Equity Fund Systematic Responsible Global Global Equities externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund
Swisscanto (LU) Equity Fund Systematic Responsible Eurozone Global Equities externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund
Swisscanto (LU) Equity Fund Systematic Responsible USA Global Equities externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund
Swisscanto (LU) Equity Fund Systematic Responsible Japan Global Equities externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund
Swisscanto (LU) Equity Fund Systematic Responsible Emerging Markets Global Equities externer Link öffnet neue SeiteView fund

What is so interesting about rule-based Swisscanto funds?

  • Most investors tend to have strong emotions when it comes to securities investments: losses are deemed unbearable, securities are sold at bad times and cluster risks are taken against better knowledge. With our rule-based funds, investors overcome the typical limitations that hinder investment results. We invest without emotion.
  • We use our own developed models to reliably identify promising securities and combine them into risk-controlled portfolios.
  • With Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank, you also receive our proven 100% Swiss Made Asset Management competence in the rule-based fund segment. 

Your benefits

  • Scientifically supported investment
  • Emotionless investment
  • Opportunity for excess returns in any market environment
  • Many years of expertise with proven success
  • Broad diversification and suitability as core investment 

Important notices

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