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Real estate funds

Choose security, stability, continuous earnings and professional management.

Key stabilisation factor

Swiss real estate represents a key stabiliser in a balanced portfolio. Owing to its low correlation with the financial markets, it is an ideal building block in forming and securing wealth. Thanks to regular rental income, real estate investments ensure continuous earnings. For reasons of diversification it is expedient for institutional investors to participate indirectly in the Swiss or international real estate market, besides acquiring properties and land directly. 

What we offer

We offer both direct and indirect high quality real estate solutions. Our wide range of solutions comprises various investment funds according to Swiss law over a broad risk / return spectrum. Our management team is a well-established player on the Swiss real estate market. The many years of specialist experience of our highly educated experts combine perfectly with our efficient and effective systems and processes.


  • Residential Switzerland
  • Commercial Switzerland
  • Mixed Switzerland 


  • Switzerland
  • Global REITs 

Our investment philosophy

Actively managing commercial and residential areas allows us to realise stable, regular income together with long-term capital preservation in our direct real estate investments. To this end, our funds invest in real estate throughout Switzerland.

The objective of our indirect real estate investments is to create effective added value by taking advantage of economic cycles. We achieve this by actively managing the weighting by instrument, region, sector and/or type of use. In Switzerland, the investment universe of listed real estate funds and equities is used to manage the relevant allocations. For global funds, we rely on listed investment companies (including REITs). 

Our investment process

Evaluating and assessing Swiss real estate investments are among the core competencies of Zürcher Kantonalbank. Our excellent investment processes are active and fundamental. They consist of a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches. A portfolio's fundamental focus is determined in the first, top-down step.

For our direct real estate investments, the portfolios are then perfected with transactions, construction projects, project developments and, above all, ongoing portfolio optimisation.

For indirect investments, the portfolio focus is decided by means of a top-down approach. This is undertaken by considering the allocations of real estate equities compared to real estate funds, types of use and regions. The securities are then analysed and evaluated from a quantitative and qualitative point of view using a bottom-up approach. The resulting ranking is used as a basis for the selection of securities and portfolio construction.

All our offers are also available in the form of tailor-made mandates.

Let us convince you of our investment competence in the area of real estate investments. 

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