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Mixed funds

Your access to all our asset management expertise in all the major investment classes.

Multi-asset fund solutions (classic or with hedging)

We have been successfully managing mixed funds since 1990 allowing you to benefit from our expertise. Our products give you access to all our expertise in asset management and our experienced investment specialists and portfolio managers in all the major asset classes. We manage your investments using a traditional approach according to your investment strategy or according to a risk-based approach - whichever you prefer.

Relative Return & Protection

Find the right fund from our range:

  • Relative Return (traditional approach with investment strategy)
  • Protection (systematic equity hedging with collar strategy)

Our investment philosophy

We stand for highly diversified, yet manageable asset management solutions, with a high degree of activity, low transaction costs and optimisation of Swiss stamp duty. Our investment philosophy is based on three elements:

  • active tactical positioning
  • focused selection of securities
  • systematic and cost-efficient implementation

With our active tactic, we tune the portfolio to the continually changing macroeconomic environment. Our short decision-making processes and the clearly attributed performance accountability create a direct benefit for customers by means of rapid implementation of investment decisions. In addition, you can always rely on a disciplined examination of results which increases the opportunities for an attractive return.

Multiple awards

The systematic implementation of our investment process and systematically implemented investment philosophy result in consistent added value for our customers. We regularly receive awards for our above-average performance. 

Let us convince you with our investment competence and innovations.

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