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Equity funds

We stand for added value by means of targeted and systematic selection of securities.

Fundamental and quantitative solutions

A team of around 40 specialists handle your assets invested in the equity sector. We use fundamental or quantitative solutions according to clients' needs. Focused portfolios that reflect our strongest investment convictions are the result of our fundamental approach. Our quantitative approach results in broader portfolios with a more comprehensive selection of securities.

What we offer

Our range of funds comprises a broad selection of both fundamental and quantitative solutions. Our offering is also available in the form of a category mandate.


  • Global (fundamental / quantitative)
  • Global Real Estate (fundamental)
  • North America (fundamental / quantitative)
  • Europe (fundamental / quantitative)
  • Europe Dividends (fundamental)
  • Euroland (fundamental)
  • Global High Quality (fundamental)
  • Emerging Markets (fundamental / quantitative)
  • Asia Pacific (quantitative)
  • Pacific (quantitative)
  • Asia ex Japan (quantitative)
  • Japan (quantitative)


  • Large Caps (fundamental)
  • Small & Mid Caps (fundamental)
  • Dividends (fundamental)
  • High Quality (fundamental)
  • Real Estate indirect (fundamental)

Theme strategies

  • Low Vola (fundamental)
  • Global Consumer (fundamental)
  • Global Infrastructure (fundamental)
  • Global REITS (fundamental)
  • Global Financials (fundamental)
  • Global Innovation Leaders (fundamental)
  • Volatility Premium (quantitative)

Our investment process

Our fundamental solutions are based on a highly research-oriented and bottom-up investment process. We conduct in-depth and structured sectoral and company analyses that form the basis of our investment decisions. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria are integrated in the analytical process.

Our quantitative solutions are based on a scientific, quantitative selection of securities in order to best reflect the risk factors in a systematic way. In doing so, we use empirically confirmed and economically meaningful risk premiums with the goal of attaining greater stability in surplus returns.

Our investment philosophy

The core focus of our fundamental solutions is on the targeted skimming off of premiums by investing in businesses with attractive value and quality characteristics. For this purpose, we identify companies trading at attractive valuation with a solid track record in ROIC (Return on invested capital) generation and that operate a high-quality business from a fundamental perspective. In doing so, we aim for above-average investment results.

Our quantitative solutions are based on focusing on skimming off premiums over and above the use of empirically proven and economically understood risk factors such as value, momentum, quality and size. This surplus is attributed to higher risks or systematic patterns of investor behaviour, depending on the "beliefs" of financial markets researchers.

Let us convince you with our investment competence and innovations.

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