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Commodities & alternatives

Discover our small but sophisticated product portfolio with differing focal points.

Diversification for your portfolio

We offer an easy way to invest in commodity and alternative funds that have a high diversification effect and therefore a positive effect on your portfolio risk thanks to low correlation with traditional investment categories such as equities or bonds.

Allow us to convince you with our investment competence and innovation in the area of commodities and alternative investments.

Our commodities offering


  • Mixed (active / passive)
  • Excluding agriculture

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium 

Our investment process

We rely on a structured investment process and close collaboration with our research team when analysing the commodities markets basing the analysis on macroeconomic factors such as economic cycles, monetary policy and international economic relations as well as fundamental data such as the supply and demand of commodities and warehousing capacities. In addition, we carry out a technical analysis that indicates trends and patterns as well as a behavioural economic analysis that identifies investors' moods. These four pillars, coupled with many years of experience, are the reason that we are able to regularly outperform the market.