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Commodities & alternatives

Discover our small but sophisticated product portfolio with differing focal points.

Our commodities offering


  • Mixed (active / passive)
  • Excluding agriculture

Precious metals

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium 

Our investment process

We rely on a structured investment process and close collaboration with our research team when analysing the commodities markets basing the analysis on macroeconomic factors such as economic cycles, monetary policy and international economic relations as well as fundamental data such as the supply and demand of commodities and warehousing capacities. In addition, we carry out a technical analysis that indicates trends and patterns as well as a behavioural economic analysis that identifies investors' moods. These four pillars, coupled with many years of experience, are the reason that we are able to regularly outperform the market. 

Our fund of hedge funds offering

  • Directionals
  • Mixed alternative

Our investment process 

We work with best-in-class managers. We put potential managers through their paces for our fund of hedge funds. Our objective is to use managers with above-average, risk-adjusted performance. We rely on our network, investment banks, databases and research providers to gain an overview of the managers' relevant universe. In the detailed manager assessment, we then focus on qualitative and quantitative risks including personal contact with managers directly. Our research partners, with whom we carefully analyse the results, then carry out the operational risk assessment. If a manager does not pass the operational risk assessment, no investment is made. Besides selecting best-in-class managers, the following principles are key to our success:

  • Careful analysis and critical discussions form the basis of our decisions.
  • We adopt a forward-looking, holistic top-down and bottom-up analytical process.
  • Portfolio construction is based on the premise of capital preservation with the inclusion of situational strategies that can benefit from the upside potential of individual investment classes.
  • We use structural and tactical market inefficiencies by actively managing investment strategies and styles.
  • We engage in integrated risk management in order to strictly avoid operational risks.
  • We minimise investment risks in relation to the corresponding potential returns.

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