Our success story: building the future on experience

The name Swisscanto has been synonymous with the assumption of responsibility for decades. We contribute to financial security by supporting the asset development of our private and institutional customers. Find out what milestones have contributed to the success of our funds and pension solutions.


2022: Swisscanto Invest becomes Swisscanto

The Swisscanto Invest brand becomes the Swisscanto product brand with a new look and design.

2015: Zürcher Kantonalbank acquires the Swisscanto Group

With the takeover, the third-largest fund provider in Switzerland combines the expertise of Swisscanto and Zürcher Kantonalbank fund managers.

1998: First sustainable fund

Swisscanto launches the first Swisscanto Green Invest fund and begins to establish itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainable investments.

1993: Establishment of Swisscanto Holding Ltd.

Swisscanto Holding Ltd. is founded as the umbrella company of the cantonal banks as a joint platform for the development and distribution of funds.

1983: Establishment of Swisscanto Pensions Ltd.

Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. develops innovative pension products and services for occupational pensions in Switzerland with the participation of all Swiss cantonal banks.

1973: Establishment of the Swisscanto Investment Foundation

The Swisscanto Investment Foundation is responsible for the collective management of assets entrusted to it by Swiss pension funds and holders of vested benefits accounts and savings 3 accounts.

1959: The first fund

The cantonal banks launch their first real estate fund, which is still part of the product range today.

Responsible from the beginning

Right from the start, Swisscanto has made it its mission to meet its economic goals from a societal perspective. This includes providing solutions for occupational pensions. Originally founded as a manager of real estate funds for the Swiss cantonal banks in 1959, it has developed over the years into a successful fund manager and recognised partner for pension matters in Switzerland.

Since 1973, the Swisscanto Investment Foundation has been entrusted with large assets of Swiss pension funds and holders of vested benefits accounts and savings 3 accounts. With the established Swisscanto Pension Funds Study, we are a valued expert when it comes to the situation of Swiss pension funds. We make the know-how gained from the study freely available to the general public.

Performance and sustainability made in Switzerland

With the founding of Swisscanto Holding Ltd. in 1993, the cantonal banks transferred the majority of the asset management of their collective capital investments to the holding company. It developed a comprehensive range of investment funds with the aim of generating strong performance for its customers in the long term. Swisscanto recognises that sustainability is more than merely a trend and starts to establish itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainable investments by launching the first Swisscanto Green Invest fund.

With the takeover of the Swisscanto Group by Zürcher Kantonalbank in 2015, the third-largest fund provider in Switzerland is created. Swisscanto now ranks in the top positions when it comes to sustainable fund management made in Switzerland.