Precious metal ETFs – diversifying the portfolio

Pursue your investment objectives with gold, silver, platinum or palladium by adding ZKB precious metal ETFs to your portfolio. They are traded daily on the Swiss stock exchange and simplify trading in precious metals. As an investor, you benefit from the exact price development of this physical precious metal investment.

Your advantages with the ZKB precious metal ETFs

Protect yourself against inflation

Focus on stability, since precious metals and especially gold can serve as inflation protection.

Trust in physical deposits

All ZKB precious metal ETFs are special funds under Swiss law and are 100-percent physically deposited. The bars can also be delivered.

Benefit from the diversification effect

Gold in particular can offer attractive diversification properties as part of the portfolio in the long term and security in times of crisis.

Trade flexibly at any time

Buy and sell our precious metal ETFs flexibly during trading hours, as they are listed on the Swiss stock exchange and traded on a daily basis.

Three good reasons to choose us

  1. 1 Wealth of experience: Zürcher Kantonalbank launched the first gold ETF in Europe back in 2006.
  2. 2 Security: We are the European market leader for precious metal ETFs, all of which are physically deposited in the vault with the respective precious metal.
  3. 3 High liquidity: Our gold ETF alone currently holds around CHF 9 billion and is traded in large volumes on the stock exchange.

The ZKB Gold ETF in detail

The ZKB Gold ETF dispenses with derivatives for non-currency-hedged unit classes and only invests in physical gold that is safely stored in the Zürcher Kantonalbank vault. Like all ZKB precious metal ETFs, the gold ETF is traded on the Swiss stock exchange with high liquidity and attractive spreads and is available in various currency classes and with currency hedging.

Invest responsibly in precious metals

Fairness and an awareness of responsibility are very important to us. We only buy gold and silver that meets the London Bullion Market Association's Good Delivery Standard. Since 2012, we have consistently adhered to their Responsible Sourcing Programme, which guarantees the integrity of supply chains and compliance with various guidelines. Companies in the value chain undertake not to violate human rights, not to tolerate child labour, not to launder money and to correctly declare the origin of their precious metals.

All ZKB precious metal ETFs at a glance