Christopher Radler

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Christopher Radler joined Zürcher Kantonalbank Asset Management in January 2021. The fixed-income specialist with a CFA degree is responsible for the following funds:

Christopher Radler studied banking and finance at the University of Zurich and obtained a master's degree with a specialisation in quantitative finance - both with magna cum laude.

After completing his studies, he worked as a Client Portfolio Manager at Credit Suisse from August 2016, where he gained his first experience in asset management. He was able to contribute his financial expertise there for almost five years.

He obtained the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing in 2020 and completed his training as a Chartered Financial Analyst in August 2021.

Blog posts

Swiss government bonds - still too expensive?

Around a year and a half ago, we reported on the high prices of Swiss government bonds. Now we are taking the pulse of the market again and shedding light on possible alternatives.

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Foreign issuers enrich Swiss bond market

The Swiss franc bond market offers a broader selection thanks to foreign debtors. Investors are benefiting from this.

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The growth of green bonds continues

We provide sustainable investors with clear classification of the universe of sustainable bonds to facilitate their investment decisions.

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Parking money in money market funds is worthwhile again

Money market returns shine in a new light again at last with the turnaround in interest rate policy. This finally gives investors a lucrative alternative to the traditional account.

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Switzerland launches the first green Confederation bond

The Swiss Confederation's green bond sold like hot cakes. The issue proceeds are intended to promote the development of renewable energy, for example.

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CHF Bonds: Back on Stage

Bonds were avoided for a long time due to the low interest rate environment. Following the price losses since the beginning of the year, bonds are now being re-assessed. Fixed-income investments have become significantly more attractive and are "back on stage". What performance can we expect?

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