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Sustainability funds

Invest in companies that adhere to the principle of sustainability.

Investing with a clear conscience

The key feature of the funds in our sustainability portfolio is that they mainly invest in securities from companies or debtors that have committed themselves to sustainable value creation. Sustainable companies or debtors are companies whose products and services provide an economic, ecological and social benefit in the long term. For this purpose, we carry out our sustainability research analyses and valuations according to environmental, social and corporate governance criteria. Corporate governance criteria are specifically defined, sustainable principles relating to business management. 


  • Sustainability funds invest in companies and debtors whose products and services provide a long-term economic, ecological and social benefit.
  • An experienced team of sustainability analysts have evaluated innovative companies for our sustainability funds since 1996.
  • Our sustainability portfolio consists of investment strategies funds, equity and bond funds, as well as individual topic funds such as water and emerging countries.


  • Investors have a competitive advantage due to forward-looking, sustainable business models.
  • Medium to high earnings potential for investors depending on the sustainability fund selected.


  • General fluctuations in value on the financial markets. The extent of these can vary depending on the fund selected.
  • Currency fluctuations in foreign currency investments.


  • You would like to participate in the development of companies and countries that proactively tackle sustainability problems and have promising potential returns.
  • You wish to implement your personal investment strategy sustainably in a single fund product.
  • You have a special interest in sustainable topics such as water.
  • Your investment horizon is medium to long term.

Range of funds