We have a long tradition in sustainable investments. We have been dealing with sustainability since 1996.

Handling with care

Generations to come should also be able to live in a healthy environment and intact social surroundings. This is only possible with sustainable economic development. Our sustainable funds allow you to make widely diversified global investments while simultaneously investing in companies whose products and services provide solutions for global sustainability issues.

Our areas of competence

We have been identifying ethically and ecologically correct companies for more than 20 years. Consequently, investors value our competence.

  • We have many years of experience in sustainable investment solutions and are a leading provider in Switzerland for both private and institutional customers.
  • As a pioneer in the field of sustainable investments, we have access to well-known specialists with many years of expertise. We established our in-house sustainability research in 1996.
  • We regard sustainability aspects as important factors not only when it comes to sustainable investments. In 2009, Zürcher Kantonalbank signed the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI). We also consistently drive the integration of environmental, social and governance criteria forward in the investment processes of non-sustainable funds under the brand Swisscanto Invest.

External Sustainability Advisory Committee

An external Sustainability Advisory Committee monitors our sustainable investment products and the integration of environmental, social and governance aspects in our investment processes. In this process, well-known sustainability specialists from various disciplines pay special attention to our sustainable fund portfolios and also regularly review our research and investment processes.

The members include:

  • Elvira Bieri
    Managing Director of SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA in Zurich
  • Paola Ghillani
    Owner of Paola Ghillani & Friends, Zurich
  • Prof. Dr Thomas Stocker
    Professor of Climatic and Environmental Physics, University of Berne

What makes us stand out 

Sustainability indicator

We have developed a sustainability indicator for our customers so that they always know how ecologically or socially correct a fund investment is. This indicator creates transparency in terms of the sustainability of investment funds by means of a simplified analysis based on three dimensions: the so-called ESG criteria. ESG stands for "Environmental, Social, Governance".

The data from these three areas determine the level of sustainability of investment funds. According to this indicator, investment funds are divided into seven sustainability classes, ranging from A (highest level) to G (lowest level). We make this classification available to you for your investment decisions. The sustainability indicator assesses the following criteria (example: equities):

  • E: Climate change (CO2 footprint)
  • S: Reputation risks
  • G: Corporate governance

Transparency code

The Swisscanto Invest sustainability funds bear the European transparency logo for sustainable public funds. By signing the "European Transparency Code" for sustainability funds, we, as a Swiss fund manager, confirm our commitment to maintaining transparency towards investors.

The European transparency logo for sustainability funds demonstrates our commitment to provide accurate, appropriate and timely information. We do this in order to give our customers and other interested parties the opportunity to understand the approaches and methods of our sustainable monetary investments. The transparency guidelines are managed by Eurosif, an independent organisation.

Active exercise of voting rights

The active exercise of voting rights creates added value in the interest of our investors and forms an ‎integral component of investment policy in asset management, particularly in the active equity sector and with sustainable equity investments. 

Wide range of funds