Legal notices

Summary of investor rights

This communication serves as a summary of your key rights as an investor in the investment funds (the “Swisscanto Funds”), for which Swisscanto Asset Management International S.A. has been appointed as management company (the “Management Company”) within the meaning of the European Union Regulation on facilitating cross-border distribution (Regulation (EU) 2019/1156).

The following list of the rights which investors may have in relation to the Swisscanto Fund(s) does not claim to be complete unless the fund documentation contains a statement to the contrary. In all cases, investors should read in full the relevant legal documents for the Swisscanto Fund in which they wish to invest and consult their professional advisor in order to inform themselves of their rights.

The right to information

All investors have the right to obtain specific information about the Swisscanto Fund. Further details can be found in the Sales Prospectus.

The right to redeem units or exchange them for units in another Swisscanto Fund

Investors may submit subscription, redemption and conversion orders, as the case may be, and receive any dividends via the relevant registrar and transfer agent, in accordance with the relevant Sales Prospectus.

The right to data protection

Under applicable law, investors can exercise rights in relation to their personal data, including the right to access and the right to rectification of their personal data, and in certain circumstances the right to object to the processing of their personal data. Our privacy policy statement can be viewed online at

The right to complain

Any investor who is dissatisfied with their experience as an investor in a particular Swisscanto Fund should contact the Management Company. Further information about the complaints process is available at

Last update: March 2024