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Sustainable funds

You invest in companies that contribute to the fulfilment of UN sustainability goals.

Systematic focus on returns with societal value

Sustainable funds include a comprehensive sustainability approach that goes beyond the application of exclusion criteria and the reduction of ESG risks. In direct investments, we have set ourselves the goal of investing only in companies and countries that meet our strict sustainability criteria or whose business activities have a particularly strong sustainable effect.
With a Sustainable investment fund, you receive an investment solution that:

  • excludes controversial companies
  • selects companies belonging to the best in their category according to ESG criteria (best-in-class)
  • may have a different risk/return profile compared to that of a traditional investment

Three-stage filter process

To determine the Sustainable investment universe, companies undergo a three-stage filter process for direct investments, which filters out around 70% of the originally eligible companies in the investment universe.

1. step in the filter process: Exclusion criteria

We use exclusion criteria to exclude companies that contribute to the biggest environmental problems and social risks worldwide. This process excludes around 20% of all companies in the investment universe.

Global risks Exclusion
Risk to society and health
  • UN Global Compact violations1
  • Weapons and ammunition manufacturing, military hardware
  • Operation of nuclear facilities
  • Uranium extraction
  • Manufacture of nuclear reactors
  • Human medicine (genetic engineering)
  • Production of pornography
  • Manufacture of tobacco and smokers' accessories
  • Alcohol (>5% turnover)
  • Gambling (>5% turnover)
  • Intensive livestock farming
Anthropogenic climate change
  • Companies with their own coal reserves
  • Extraction of coal (>5% turnover)
  • Operation of fossil-fuel power stations
  • Extraction of natural gas
  • Oil extraction
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Airlines
  • Cruise companies
Decline in species diversity
  • Release of GMOs (genetic engineering)
  • Non-sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
  • Non-sustainable forestry

2. step in the filter process: ESG assessment

The ESG ratings of companies per sector and region are compared with those of peers. Investments can be made in all companies with an ESG rating above a defined threshold (best-in-class). The ESG criteria cover:

  • Environmental (E) issues such as CO2e data and water consumption
  • Social (S) issues such as working conditions and employee diversity
  • Corporate governance (G) such as shareholder rights, remuneration of management or quality of reporting.

In this step, a further 50% of the companies in the original investment universe are eliminated.

3. step in the filter process: Sustainable investment universe

After companies in the investment universe have passed the exclusion criteria and ESG assessment, around 30% remain. These form our Sustainable investment universe, which then undergoes the impact assessment.
The core factor of our Sustainable approach is the impact assessment, which we use to systematically reduce the sustainable investment to a few companies/countries which, due to their strong contribution to sustainable development ("Sustainability Impact"), are growing at an above-average rate and generating positive social benefits. We focus on the six investment areas that contribute to sustainable development:

  • Energy: renewable energy, energy efficiency
  • Health: access to basic care, maintaining good health
  • Mobility: public transport, private transport
  • Finance: access to financial services, financial infrastructure
  • Resources: water, resource efficiency
  • Knowledge: education/research, networking

These issues are among the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

CO2e reduction

In the Sustainable investment funds, the weighted carbon intensity is generally significantly lower than in the respective benchmark index, as CO2e-intensive companies with no climate strategy are avoided. No investment is made in the promotion of fossil fuels, in the operation of fossil-fuelled power plants, in airlines or in manufacturers of automobiles and aircraft. We have been following this investment philosophy for Sustainable investment funds for over twenty years.

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