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Swisscanto foundations

Three foundations specialised in services relating to staff pensions.

Your specialists in occupational pensions (BVG)

The Group, with registered offices in Basel, consists of a total of three foundations. The Swisscanto Collective Foundation was established in 1973. The Supra Collective Foundation was established in 1984 and the Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation in 1995.

What we offer

  • The Swisscanto Collective Foundation covers basic pensions
  • The Swisscanto Supra Collective Foundation offers complementary solutions in management pensions.
  • Those who temporarily leave a Pension Fund can contribute their retirement credit to a vested benefits account in the Swisscanto Vested Benefits Foundation. 

Swisscanto Foundations' values include transparency and fairness. For us, these are not simply buzzwords but real concepts. The BVG professionals structure their area of investment: they regularly publish the coverage ratio of the Collective Foundations as well as the asset allocation and performance for their customers. Customers can see the current status of the Swisscanto Collective Foundations at any time and know how their pension funds are performing.

Your advantages

People have been at the heart of our business since the beginning. We offer efficient services for staff pensions throughout Switzerland for our customers. Careful, responsible and sustainable handling of the pension funds in our care is our top priority. We offer our customers qualitatively superior services at attractive prices.

Even if we, as BVG experts, serve a variety of different large companies as a pension fund, we see each company as an individual entity. We offer all our customers transparent pension plans that are easy to understand.

Swisscanto Stiftungen
Postfach 99
8010 Zürich

Tel.: 058 280 26 66058 280 26 66 
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