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Pension Funds Study

The most important source of information for occupational pensions in Switzerland.

The "Swiss Pension Funds Study 2017" is now available.

The responses from 507 pension funds and contributions from experts in the "Swiss Pension Funds Study 2017" of Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. demonstrate how pension funds are reacting to demographic developments and challenging markets.

The key points at a glance

  • Pension funds are stable despite persistently low interest rates: returns on capital were satisfactory in the 2016 investment year.
  • In order to secure their long-term stability, pension funds are taking advantage of their room for manoeuvre. The funds' risk appetite has thus increased slightly on the earnings side: investments in equities and alternative investments have been increased proportionately.
  • The average coverage ratio for pension funds remained stable: private-law funds 109.7%, public-law funds 94.6%
  • Technical interest rates continued to fall: private-law funds 2.19%, public-funds 2.55%
  • The conversion rate is falling in step with the technical interest rate, now at 6.0%. In 2005, the conversion rate was still 6.9%. 

About the Swiss Pension Funds Study

The "Swiss Pension Funds Study" of Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. has established itself as the most important source of information on occupational pensions in Switzerland besides the pension fund statistics issued by the Federation. The study data provide an in-depth overview of the institutional pensions business in this country. The comprehensive study seeks to improve the transparency of the 2nd pillar for the general public and to provide the institutions involved with extensive comparative, management and decision-making tools. The "Swiss Pension Funds Study" is also available to all interested parties involved in pension provision, politics and academia.

Contents of the study

  • Presentation of the organisation and performance of pension funds
  • Highlights developments on the asset side, treatment of current pension policy issues in the areas of law, insurance, capital market and politics
  • Comprehensive overview of the organisational and benefits-related aspects of Swiss pension schemes
  • Data on investment structure, investment processes and performance and coverage ratio

In addition to the standard questions regarding the structure, benefits and investments of pension schemes, the 2017 study survey also deals with aspects on:

  • The influence of the BVG2 investment category, limitations on investment strategy
  • Financial burdens due to negative interest rates 

Key dates at a glance

  • 29 May 2018: Presentation of the 2018 survey results at the Hyatt Hotel in Zurich 

Study advisory board

The advisory board comprises specialists in occupational pensions, politics, business and the financial world. The advisory board of the study determines the relevant areas of investigation. It ensures, jointly with the Study Head, that only the really interesting questions are asked in the correct form. In addition, the advisory board assists in the professional assessment of the study. 

Advisory board members

Name  Function 
René Raths Head of Pension Funds & Occupational Pensions of Zürcher Kantonalbank
Ivy Klein Head of Business Development, Corporate Customers, Swiss Life
Susanne Jäger  Managing Director of Aargauische Pensionskasse 
Hanspeter Konrad  Director of Swiss Pension Funds Association ASIP 
Heinrich Leuthard  Chairman of the Board of Management of Nidwaldner Kantonalbank 
Christoph Ryter  Managing director of Migros Pensionskasse MPK 
Dr Peter Schnider  Chairperson of the Management Board of VPS Verlag Personalvorsorge und Sozialversicherung AG 
Dieter Stohl  Director of PUBLICA federal pension fund 
Stephan Wyss  Prevanto AG partner in Zurich 

Study Head

Name  Function 
Marcel Baumann Project Manager of the Pension Funds Study of Swisscanto Pensions Ltd.

Our publications

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