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Pension fund management

We are your partner for the professional management of your pension fund.

Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. – home of pensions

Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. is a leading company in Switzerland in the field of occupational and private pensions. Since our incorporation in 1983, we have worked with a variety of companies, pension funds and Swiss life insurance companies to find successful solutions to the complex issue of pensions. Irrespective of which services a pension fund would like to outsource – we are the right partner.

We look after autonomous and semi-autonomous pension funds, regardless of size. Our highly trained and motivated staff look forward to actively supporting and assisting you to fulfil your responsibilities as a Board of Trustees by means of a wide range of services.

What we offer

We take care of all pensions tasks that you would like to outsource. At Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. we put your needs at the heart of our business. Choose the solution that fits your needs from our range of services for the best possible management of your pension fund.

Technical management

We offer modern and effective technical administration of your pension fund.

  • Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. maintains the data of insured persons and pensioners for you.
  • We efficiently handle all benefit claims on your behalf.
  • We manage the individual pension accounts including "shadow accounting".


Your accounting is in good hands with us:

  • We prepare the financial accounting records and accurate annual financial statements for you.
  • We handle the securities accounting.
  • We process the contribution statement and payment transactions for you.
  • We guarantee compliance with all regulations. 


Our support of the Board of Trustees means specific assistance for you:

  • Take advantage of our expert assistance in managing the pension scheme.
  • Make use of our experience in organising and holding Board of Trustees meetings.
  • Benefit from our experience in contact with insured persons and administrative agencies.

Also part of our service

In the area of private pensions, we manage the Swisscanto life insurance range on behalf of well-known Swiss life insurance companies. Here, discretion is of the utmost importance for us.

If your company is aiming to join a collective foundation, the Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation offers the best solution: flexibly and innovatively.

Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. is also well-known for publishing the "Swiss Pension Funds Study" each year. The data of this comprehensive study provide an overview of the institutional pension business in Switzerland while at the same time being accessible to interested parties involved in pension provision, politics and academia.

Our strengths


  • You can also rely on our providing professional support for your Board of Trustees in the form of thorough preparation for decision-making, specialist expertise and performance of the strategic and tactical tasks of the pension fund.

Security as a principle

  • Your security, and the security of your insured persons, are particularly important to us in the increasingly challenging environment of occupational pensions. 

Added value through appreciation

  • Our customers can rely on our diligence, our expertise and our long-term experience.
  • We offer our customers transparent and qualitatively superior services at attractive prices.
  • We are committed to treating our customers with integrity and fairness.
  • We cultivate a culture of cooperation that achieves the best possible results for our customers.

Our publications 

Further documents on the following topics can be found on the German and / or French versions of this page:

  • Brochure "Services of Swisscanto Pensions Ltd."
  • Publication "Pension Funds Monitor"
  • Pension Funds Study