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Swisscanto Flex collective

A collective pension solution with efficient management and advantageous insurance premium.

Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation

The Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation stands for an innovative, flexible and attractive collective product offering in the field of occupational pensions. This special Swiss Collective Foundation offers SMEs of varying sizes flexible and high-performance collective pension solutions.

The collective solution

"Flex collective" is an offer for companies that do not wish to design their occupational pension solution individually. All the companies within this plan form a community with primarily standardised pension plans. Smaller companies generally tend to decide on "Flex collective". However, our customers also include some larger companies that wish to hand their pension fund obligations to a competent collective foundation.

Your advantages

"Flex collective" customers benefit from efficient management, an advantageous insurance premium and a high level of transparency. The pension capital within this collective solution is invested in the Flex20 investment pool. The number 20 relates to the equities portion of this pool and means that the risk tends to be lower.

The interest is decided by the Board of Trustees annually on the basis of the investment pool's net return and taking into account the necessary value fluctuation reserves.