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Swisscanto commodity funds

Commodity demand is rising due to global developments. Participate in this strong trend.

Good prospects with Swisscanto commodity funds

Commodity demand is rising due to global developments. Our commodity investment process continuously outperforms. Enter the market now and benefit from the potential of commodities thanks to our expertise.

Which trends are determining the growing demand for commodities?

  • Unbridled population growth
  • Rising wealth in emerging countries is leading to changes in consumer behaviour
  • Economic catch-up process in emerging countries
  • Continued urbanisation and the emergence of mega cities 

What is so interesting about Swisscanto commodity funds?

  • Commodities markets are complex. We combine extensive information in our investment process, taking a systematic and structured approach. Our success bears out.
  • We have a range of professional products for both the opportunity-oriented and cost-oriented investor.
  • With Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank, you also receive our proven 100% Swiss Made Asset Management competence in the commodities segment. 

At a glance

Swisscanto commodity funds at a glance. 

Compelling product range with a successful track record

  • Invest in the overall commodities market or in individual commodity classes, both are possible with our range of funds.
  • Our consistent investment process ensures continuous added value, including compared to the competition
  • Our funds regularly receive awards for their performance

Commodities are the ideal addition to an existing portfolio

  • Good diversification properties due to the low correlation with conventional asset classes
  • Protection against inflation as commodities hold real value

100% Swiss Made Asset Management

  • Experienced and stable investment team in Zurich
  • Consistent service at a fair price
  • Swiss bank based in Zurich with a AAA rating


  • General risks of commodity investments due to unexpected supply/demand trends
  • Geopolitical risks
  • High volatility of commodities prices 

Important note

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