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Sustainability funds

Highly diversified funds that invest in sustainable companies.

Investing with vision

The use of ESG filters and exclusion criteria has become a widespread standard for sustainable investment. The general application of exclusion criteria enables Swisscanto Invest to put sustainability into effect in its funds because it avoids investing in the most controversial areas (weapons, alcohol, etc.). We use a proprietary ESG scoring model to minimise sustainability risks and ultimately to identify promising investment opportunities in the best sustainable sense by means of a sustainability analysis. Thanks to the systematic and transparent approach pursued by Swisscanto, investors can count on the sustainable effectiveness of their investments.

Two product lines: Responsible vs. Sustainable

We have combined our broad range of sustainable funds into two product lines for investors seeking a high or particularly high sustainable effectiveness:

Product line Responsible Sustainable
Exclusion criteria
  • Limited exclusion criteria exclude around 5 - 10% of companies
  • Broad exclusion criteria exclude around 20% of companies
ESG filters
  • "Laggard out"
  • Through analysis of 45 ESG criteria, the least sustainable companies are excluded
  • "Best in class"
  • Through analysis of 45 ESG criteria, the most sustainable companies are identified
Sustainability impact
  • none
  • By means of impact analysis, the companies with the highest societal benefits and strong growth prospects are identified
  • Reduction of ESG risks
  • Exclusion of about 20% of the initial universe
  • Traditional risk/return profile
  • Return with societal value

  • Exclusion of about 70% of the initial universe
  • Risk/return profile focused on sustainability

What we offer

We offer actively and indexed managed sustainable equity and bond strategies. You benefit from an extensive range of products.

Universe  Offering 
Regional equities
  • Switzerland
  • Global Equity Large Cap
  • Emerging markets
Themed equities
  • Water
Fixed income
  • Switzerland
  • Global

Our investment process

We offer two different strategies to meet the various requirements of our customers. The Responsible approach reduces risk by incorporating sustainability factors. The Sustainability Impact approach uses additional opportunities by investing in companies that contribute to solutions designed to achieve sustainable growth.

Responsible: Responsible investment with minimum standards

As part of the Responsible approach, the companies rated most poorly in terms of sustainability are avoided. On the one hand, the process involves the use of a fundamental set of exclusion criteria, such as weapons or tobacco. On the other hand, the companies with the lowest ESG ratings per sector are also excluded. This enables investment solutions that are close to the benchmark, with slight deviations in the risk/return profile compared to the benchmark.

Sustainable: Investing with impact

The Sustainable approach goes beyond the application of exclusion criteria and the reduction of ESG risks and invests only in companies and countries that meet our strict sustainability criteria. The core factor here is the impact assessment, which we use to systematically reduce the sustainable investment to a few companies/countries which, due to their strong contribution to sustainable development ("Sustainability Impact"), are growing at an above-average rate and generating positive social benefits.

We focus on the six investment areas that contribute to sustainable development and are in line with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals:



  • Renewable energies
  • Energy efficiency


  • Access to basic care
  • Health maintenance


  • Public transport
  • Personal transport


  • Access to financial services
  • Financial infrastructure


  • Water
  • Efficient use of resources


  • Education / Research
  • Networking

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