Information on the use of cookies on our websites and apps.

What do we mean by cookies?

Cookies in a web environment or in apps (hereinafter referred to as "cookies") are small text files that are stored on your device. This enables the website or app to remember specific entries and settings (for example, your login, language, usage, preferences and statistics) over a certain period of time to optimise user experience, security and analysis in particular.

Which cookies do we use and why?

We use the following types of cookies for the following purposes:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: These cookies are technically required for the functionality of the website and app and the provision of the website content and services (for example, use of the shopping basket or continued surfing on sub-pages).
  • Statistical cookies: These cookies gather information about users’ technical behaviour on the website and the app (for example, how frequently the website or sub-pages are visited, the security of the website, error messages, loading times for the website and the website display in different browsers).
  • Preference cookies: These cookies allow individual settings to be made and stored (for example, by saving settings such as the language selected) to enhance the user experience when visiting the website and app.
  • Marketing and tracking cookies: These cookies are used to show you content tailored to your interests within the website.

Which third-party cookies are used?

In addition to our own cookies, we also use cookies from third parties. Please note that as a result of the technical and organisational measures in place, third-party providers are unable to identify users.

The following overview shows third-party tools that are used to improve customers' experience on the website, as well as the purpose of the tools and the duration for which cookies are kept.

Provider Purpose Tool Duration Privacy Policy
Adobe Systems Inc. To measure the number and type of visits (including browser) as well as user interaction with the website, in order to improve functionalities on an ongoing basis and thereby design the overall experience in as targeted and secure a manner as possible. Adobe Analytics from 0 days to 1095 days Adobe Privacy Center
external link opens new pagelink (Source Adobe)
Adobe Systems Inc.
To adapt content and user experience according to customer needs to the greatest extent possible, in order to design the overall experience in as relevant and targeted a manner as possible. This includes, for example, content tests and content adaptations based on needs, interests and/or preferences. Adobe Target
from 0 days to 730 days
Adobe Privacy Center
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How can you prevent the use of cookies or delete them?

You can opt out of the use of cookies at any time by deleting the cookies placed by the website. The technical information about browser settings includes information such as how you can delete cookies in your browser. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut to open the relevant settings window in most browsers.

You can use the following link to view the activation status of cookies from different providers and opt out of the collection or analysis of your data by their cookies:

external link opens new pageSet preferences (Source EDAA).

This does not include cookies that are strictly necessary; the website will not function without technical cookies.

Last updated: December 2020